I am... Scholarship Slam

am the Blood and cries of the Aztec women

I am the forgotten mothers on slaughterhouses

I am Eric Garner's last breath
I am the needle punctures a cancer permeated child has to withstand 
I am the grieve and wails of orphaned Palestinian children
I am the abandoned soil of this earth anticipating to be loved and appreciated once again
I am the blood that runs through your veins, Brother
I am the Sioux Ghost Dance that was not demolished by the white man
I am an illegal immigrant that was raped by "el coyote"
I am the rain that gives you life,Sister
I am the Arab child accused of terrorism because of the color of my skin color and heritage 
I am the bloody whiplash scars inflicted on my African Brothers and Sisters
I am the catcalls that make females afraid. Very afraid 
I am the Burka that hides away and erases the tears of a miserable wife 
I am the Haitian citizen living on a $100 yearly income
I am the Spanish language that you refuse to speak because you are embarrassed of my rich culture and victories
I am the pregnant teen at school you called 'slut'... not knowing I was raped
I am the polar bear dying of hunger and agony because you allowed Shell to invade my sacred home
I am a mother cow that was stolen of my child for the sake of ice cream
I am an aborted baby that was robbed of the chance to experience and feel the earth below our feet
I am a corn field ravaged by Monsato, I am sorry I am killing you slowly
I am sea life, not sea food
I am the Kaaba and you will never destroy my endless beauty
I am the homeless soldier you spit on in the streets after I lost my legs for your freedom 
I am your neighbor, I am your friend
I am planet Earth, your mother. My dearest children, why have you forsaken me?
This poem is about: 
Our world


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