Love story

She stared out her window desperate for a glance of the boy she's loved for as long as she can remember. In fact, she could remember the exact day she fell in love with him. She was only six years old when the eight year old boy, who lived across the street, let her play on his basketball team when the other boys didn't. She is fifteen now and he is seventeen and she can still remember thinking that a boy was cute for the first time, as he stood there defending her. Ever since that day she followed him around like a puppy dog, but now she had to be content with glimpses of him out her window. She knew she shouldn't be loving him anymore because he told her she was ugly just before summer break started. So she stopped following him. She wondered what it would be like to see him again once school starts tomorrow.


He saw her staring at him again from her window. He wondered if she was thinking about how he told her to stop following him all the time and that he would never like someone as ugly as her. He didn't mean it of course but it seemed like the best way to get her to stop following him, so his friends would stop making fun of him for hanging with a freshman. Also he was trying to go out with his crush, the most popular girl in school, but it was difficult when his crush always saw her following me. He looked back out his window again to see if she was still watching him but she was gone. He decided he had more important things to worry about like which outfit would look better to his new girlfriend, which was his crush, and all of his senior friends.


She had decided she was going to try and meet some new guys this year to take her mind off him, after all she is a sophomore now. She had also decided that maybe she will try to dress better this year since he called her ugly. These decisions were the reason why she was so nervous coming to school this morning. She felt so different wearing her new clothes and new makeup. Her nervousness turned into a slight giddiness when she noticed all of the boys turning to stare at her as she walked to her locker. Or perhaps the giddiness came from a particular set of chocolate brown eyes that were currently watching her walk to her locker. She felt her happiness deflate, however, when she saw his new girlfriend walk up to him and kiss him on his perfectly rounded lips. Though it hurt to see him kissing another, it was exactly the push she needed to try and move on.


Whoa when did she get pretty, he wondered. He couldn't keep his eyes off her as she sauntered down the hallway. He couldn't believe someone could get so pretty just after one summer. But he realized she was never ugly and maybe she had always been pretty and he just never noticed her. He noticed out of the corner of his eye his girlfriend walk towards him and for the first time he wasn't excited by her presence. Normally he noticed how pretty his girlfriend looked whenever he saw her, but now the only thing he noticed was that she blocked his view of the unexpected beauty at her locker. When his girlfriend finally left he was able to see his newly beautiful neighbor at her locker and he was surprised with the flare up of anger he felt when he noticed she was flirting with some guy. He stepped towards them with one thought "Mine". The thought was enough to stop him in his tracks, however. Where had that thought come from, he wondered. He realized it had been awhile since they talked and he should probably go say "Hi". He started walking towards her again and as he got near he could hear her laughing at what the boy was saying. He felt the flare up of anger again and recognized it for the green eyed monster it was. He said hi to her for the first time since he called her ugly. He never regretted his words more than in this moment because she didn't seem to be to happy to see him. It was weird talking to her without her undivided attention. He looked towards the boy she was talking to and realized his expression might not have been too friendly because the boy said goodbye then left.


She couldn't believe he actually had the nerve to scare away the boy she was talking to. It didn't matter if the boy was boring her to death, he still can't come up to her and act like friends after all the mean things he said to her. He was talking to her she realized and she caught some of what he was saying. He was asking her how her summer was. She couldn't tell him that she spent the better part of her summer crying because he thought she was ugly, so she settled with a fine. He suddenly asked me if I was dating that boy he saw me talking to. I told him no but maybe we would have been if he didn't scare him off. The way he looked at the boy, it was almost possessively. She decided to take her mind of such stupid things and instead wonder why he was even talking to her. He said he didn’t mean to scare him away. She couldn’t take it anymore; she just straight up asked him why he was talking to her after what he said to her. She noticed him tense up and she had to admit that she was enjoying his discomfort. He then proceeded to stutter his way through and explanation of sorts, which made it even harder for her not to smile. She wondered why she assumed that he was always in control of his nerves, because right now his fidgeting was driving her crazy. Suddenly, he stopped talking and looked straight into her eyes and she couldn’t help but drown in his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Then he said “I’m sorry” before turning and walking away leaving her stunned and not just a little confused. When he left she felt sad and she realized that she missed talking to him. She felt that maybe she should go and talk to him since he apologized, but she was still hurt and angry at what he said. She didn’t see him again until lunch time. He walked up to her table and sat down right next to her. She turned, bemused, and started to ask him what he thought he was doing and ask about the sudden interest; but before she could say anything he put his fingers to his mouth and took a deep breath letting her know that he was preparing for a lengthy talk.


He knew he had to get everything out in the open. He didn’t know why but he felt like if he didn’t make this right between them then he would miss out on something. He stared at her and thought that she looked beautiful. He remembered the first time he saw her standing there demanding to play basketball with us. He remembered wanting to beat the other boys up for making her cry. He also remembered her saying thank you before kissing his cheek and running home after they finished playing basketball that day. He never forgot that kiss and as he was looking at her now he realized he wanted her to kiss him again. He realized he was just staring at her without saying anything and she was getting a bit miffed. He never seen her angry before and he had to admit he took some pleasure in knowing that he was the only one who is able to get her riled up. He decided he better start talking now. He told her he was sorry for everything and that he didn’t mean any of the things he told her over summer. He told her that he missed talking to her because none of his friends listened to him the way that she did. He told her that he regrets saying all of that stuff to her and that he will always regret messing up their friendship. He ended it with I think you’re pretty and I never meant it when I called you ugly. When he finished he stared at her hoping that she would say something, anything. When he go nothing he figured that she wouldn’t forgive him. He stood up and then left the cafeteria. He had to get away. He missed his chance, he thought. What he missed out on he didn’t know for sure but he knew things would never be the same between them again. As he was walking to his car he ran into his girlfriend, his beautiful girlfriend who didn’t look as beautiful to him anymore. He knew he had to break up with her, so he did and for the next three minutes he had to listen to her shrill cries and wonder what he saw in her. When he was home he layed on his bed and replayed the scene in the cafeteria again and again. He knew he had to try again. He just had to make her believe him. He ran across the street until he stood on her porch and then he rang the doorbell.


She didn’t know how to feel anymore. On one hand she was still upset with him, on the other she was ecstatic. He said he never thought she was ugly and that made her feel way better. Although she realized that she shouldn’t base her feelings on what he thinks about her, but it still made her feel good to realize he thought she was pretty. He was confusing her. One minute he’s telling her to go away and now he’s saying that he misses her. She was even more confused when on her way home she heard that he broke up with his girlfriend. Why did he do that she wondered. She knew that he meant it when he was apologizing to her. She wished he wasn’t so cute so she could just forget about him, but she knew that he would always be in her heart. She loved him too long to just forget about him now. Maybe there was a chance that they could be together. She suddenly felt so stupid for getting tongue tied after he apologized to her. In that moment she had so much that she wanted to say to him, like I forgive you and I still love you. But all that came out was silence. He probably thought she rejected him, she realized. She knew what she had to do. She raced out of her room to the front door. She threw the door open just as the doorbell rang. She gasped in surprise to see him there, staring at her with those chocolate brown eyes that she loved so much.


They stood there staring at eachother and it could have been a few seconds or a few hours they didn’t know. He stood there thinking she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She stood there thinking that his eyes were too beautiful to be real.


When they decided to break the silence they both knew that they would have forever.

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Hi Chris.



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