Ana Calomino /on-ah Cal-o-mean-o/ noun: Strong

I am Strong, 

I am no longer broken.

A younger version looks at myself today in awe of the stranger. 

She expects to find a torn down girl on the verge of a final breakdown. 

She prepares to meet the girl who had no father in the depths of bad places. 

She awaits the girl that looking like hell with perminate scars and tear marks down her face, .


She encounters a young adult with more achievments than scars. 

She sees an educated young lady who made it further than imaginable.

She looks up to the girl whose smile never seizes to leave her face.

The young girl stares in amazment. 

Although she is broken, 

She knows there is hope.

Although tears now,

she knows a smile awaits.  

Within that giganically small mind of that 7 year old girl,

she sees happiness,

she pictures determination, 

she imagines fulfilling goals.

As the young adult I am now,

I revisit that helpless 7 year old, 

and know, 

She is strong. 





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