The Girl With The Cliche Sad Story

Born into a world that has nothing but templates for beauty,

While I sit here and make a list of things that "lack beauty"

While others watched their siblings play sports

I'd watch my brother play games 

A simple task ,but it was fun while it last 

As we out grew eachother 

I no longer had a brother

Now I just watch reality shows that dont really matter 

About the worlds largest people just getting fatter 

Some cliche quote about life getting better

But honestly I dont know if life will get any better

Feel like ive felt every emotion ill ever feel

Is this even real anymore

No words can explain whats inside my head

About  that sleepless night with a  new lover in my bed

Wish somenone could bless me with looks that would make him stay

Now he just comments on other girls photos "damn baby slay"

He took more than just my virginity that day 

Me and him used to talk morerethan 50 times a day

But I never said  what i wanted to say 

Now our relationship is dense

And rotten like your old picket fence

Now im just a distant stranger waiting to be complete

Waiting for someone that can match my heart beat 

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