I Am Strong

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 10:29 -- apim527

All of a sudden everything changed

Nothing at all seemed the same

Just stayed quiet and never spoke a word

Nobody knew that everything was being held on by a cord

At times it was felt like it was no longer an option to cope

But as time moved on, there was a realization of hope

That everything wasn’t as bad as it really did seem

Just don’t allow those horrid things through your mind and overthink

It’s crazy how much could change in life with just a mere blink

Nothing will ever stay the same

As long as you set your mind in a different path and remove the blame

The accusation you put upon yourself is just an illusion

People think of thoughts that fill their heads that are in actuality nothing more than delusions

These visuals consume your mind and make you think in ways that are not right

It’s fallacious to believe that you are worthless and cannot put up a fight.

But in reality we’re all worth it

It just takes the right mindset to get past and not quit

With this realization, speech started to flow

The thoughts from the brain were no longer condemned in a cage and were now exposed

However, it’s evident that even with speech and happiness everything is well hidden

The thoughts from within are still there but are slowly becoming forbidden

Maybe one day everything will be clear

A simple word or phrase won’t be translated into fear

But one can still have negative thoughts regarding feelings of despair

That without a thought you’d be in a pool full of regrets

However, one day those thoughts are sure to disappear

Of course, there’s certainly a way to make it all less severe

It’s not permanent damage

It’s just a sheer disadvantage

Keep the desire to not to be forgotten

Because somewhere we are wanted

Just because it’s not visible now

Doesn’t mean it won’t eventually come around

Just smile and at least pretend that everything is fine

Before it’s known, the actions once faked will no longer be lies

It’ll soon be learned how to open up a new door

And see what lies beyond and what’s new to explore.

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