Decisions Decision......




There are no right ones, they are no wrong ones.... so they say...




So many ways to mess up your life, so many ways to make life worth living.




So how do you know which way to go?




I guess only the truly successful people know.




But how do you know if you're truly successful?




Do the people fighting for their country feel successful?




How about the ones supporting their family's?




Or maybe all the above?




Regardless I'm getting off topic, this is supposed to be about decisions not feeling successful.




.....Maybe I stumbled on something




Do I feel unsuccessful through the decisions I have made?




In high school they throw a notebook at you, a sort of journal, and tell you to reflect.




Did they ever teach me to reflect in school?




Are you supposed to automatically know how to reflect?




Maybe its like learning to walk, you just start to do it then you cant stop.




Back to making decisions.




Lets see you go left you end up fight a war




you go right you end up finding yourself poor




go straight you find yourself pushing up on a question mark opening that mystery door.




if you go backwards you waist time, essentially committing suicide winding up with Romeo cup in your hand on the floor.




you can run or walk.




run you might miss things on the way, walk you might miss future opportunities.




......I'm not going to end this because i don't know how.




maybe when I do I can come back to it and rewrite some things.




I have a good feeling though, its all about getting experience.




My friend once told me, "Hey! its ok if you kill me cause I'm a gamer and I have 2 more lives"




to bad its not like in a game


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