Color Me In

Look at my big, fat, head,
I've got the brains to show for my intelligence,
Look at my skinny arms,
Don't let it fool you, I'm a lot stronger than I look,
Look at me,
I am J.O.S.H.U.A.........Journey Of Sharing Hope Unto All
Now look at me and tell me what you see,
Some see a gentle, kind-hearted boy without a care in the world,
Others see a crazy, hyperactive kid just being himself,
But if I were to tell you who I was, that would prove my poin in saying,
You don't really know me,
Cuz see, what can I do to make you see through eyes of the segregated, deliberated,
Sinner, be that, I'm nominated,
Fortunated, to see my Father, who saw my dirt,
But whose Love compared to my sins, those all negated,
That's what my friends call me,
Extremely Xtraordinate Toward Random Atmospheres,
I make scenes, do and or say things, colored Stupid Juiced, that you might find,
strange or obscene,
Color Me Extra,
I'm crazy, I'm looney, I'm me,
Passionately Insane and Insanely Passionate about everything,
But you can also Color Me Relaxed,
Cuz I can be the type of chilled guy that's vacating in deep Safaris of Africa,
Mamase, mamasa, mamawoosah,
Color Me In as you want,
But I'm waiting for the True Master Artist to show me my shades,
I was drawn,
And given a decent milk brown setting,
But my Character be my true coloring,
Color Me a Sinner,
For the detestful, disgracegful, and disgusting deed that I've done in my life,
as if they were my puppet masters,
Me, controlled by strings,
Committing these sinful acts, colored dedicated, to each of them as if they were human beings,
I might as well have proposed to each of them, on their fingers, a promise ring,
What can you say to a piece of artwork, whose colors are screaming out at you,
Color Me Silenced,
Hushed to unheard abyss,
While these accusations, these verbal alliterations, used as abuse
Tormented me mentally,
While I started to fade Spiritually,
But it wasn't until God stepped in,
That my life took a sharp U-Turn for the better,
Chained by every sin under the sun,
Til' I was saved by the one and only Son,
Second of Three, who came down as One, and saved me from my battle with Satan,
before he had won,
Alpha and Omega, who reign Supreme,
El Shaddai, Jehovah, the one and only Elohim,
Second of the Trinity, my Creator, my one personal Savior,
I praise Him now, because there might not be a later,
For me,
Color Me Saved,
He walked through the doors of my Life, and He's never walking out,
Color Me His,
Cuz, if serving Him is wrong, I don't wanna be right,
If His Kingdom be a prison, then arrest, convict, and sentenced me to Life,
If serving Him be High Treason, then let me be executed and die for what I believe in,
Color Me In,
The Good, the Bad, Me,
Because when it comes down to it, I have problems too, I'm human,
But I thank God for the people that He's put in my Life, on my path,
Whose guidance, so strong,
Whose advice continue to advise,
So I don't turn back and materialize my Soul,
So I can realize and recognize that Life isn't a game, so don't toy with it,
But don't judge me by Colors just because you do not see them fit,
What do you mean if I don't play a certain instrument,
I can't be Colored a Musician,
What do you mean I can't be Colored a Technician because I don't work a sound board
the same way you do,
What do mean I can't preach the Gospel because I'm not Colored a Professional,
Preaching isn't a Profession, it's a Passion,
And please tell what you mean that I have to be Colored a Christian to sit amongst the
Sanctified in the House of God,
We need Discernment, check what we reaffirming,
Cuz a Church can be full of Members but empty in Conversions,
Color Me Irritated,
For having to people pass Judgment on others because they're not who they are,
For having people be who they are, or who God had called them to be,
But having other criticize them because the plan God has for them,
They're too Blind to See,
And if I have to hear the question, "What you goin' through?" again,
We're gonna have a problem,
Color Me Christian,
I go through the same things you do,
One of the biggest and obvious ones being Life,
But I have changed my ways, live out to what the Bible says,
Because the that's one of the ways that God communicates to me,
While I to Him, through Prayer and Praise,
So, for as long as I live,
Color Me In,
As a Soldier of the Lord,
So I don't turn back my Life, only to have it lead to Eternal Suffering
amongst demon hoards,
So, for as long as I live, breath and walk on this Earth's soil,
To God, Elohim, El Shaddai, Beginning and the End, Alpha and Omega,
He who reign Supreme, God, will I stay Loyal,

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