Rigor Mortis

The morning wind sweeps in

Purging of the last breath;

A soul’s last hurdle before quintessence;

The knees of a dying man inside,

Alone and desolate in the world,

Falls before his one companion,

A stiff corpse of fur;

You can’t be dead, you can’t;

A world of which I knew,

Darkened with bitterness,

Confounded by a sudden divorce;

You were my sanctuary,

My warmth and solace;

But now I venture alone

In this ash stricken hell.

What could I have done?

Such a pale night

When all was silent and dark,

And you left your bed,

Crawled with the last of your strength;

I wish I could have been there;

I wish, I wish,

But I can’t, I can’t.

I miss you, Mei Mei.

You’ll forever be in my heart.

There’s a new life ahead, no looking back.

A transition bound by flowers,

Of sun and moon.

A new flower will arise

From your ill stricken wake,

But it was for the better

Before the cursed darkness could impale,

Before the pain could set in

A flower, through all the suffering

Arises from the ashes.

The earth continues to move,

To grow and nourish new life.

I am Resilience. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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