The First



Who am I?

Female, A first generation


Pakistani Muslim.

Pakistan, base of culture

America my home,

English is foreign.



Being Muslim,

Not easy,

America does not alleviate…

Society pressures and hates,

I practice,

I am different,

Looking for comfort in the world,

Express myself,


Not oppressed…


A women,


Expectations to be,

A Doctor, Surgeon, Lawyer…

But holding a raison d’etre,


Taking in change,

I am free,

With in myself,

I am me.


Practicing Islam,

Reading Quran,

Sunday school,

New hobbies forming,

Peer pressure, invisible.

I am me,

Myself, who I want,

Be original they say,

Then take me,

Not society


Growing into the women,

Women of my future,

Architect, Master's Degree,

Field Hockey right there as well,

A first generation everything,

Creating a new name,

Forming myself,

Away from society,

In my own home,

I am me.


No red lights, only green

Huge bumps,

Accidents, no totals,

Scratches, dents

Tires grapple through the quicksand,


I will be the first,

4 years and more,

Accept me for myself,

I promise to be me.


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Lana Dawn

Loved this!

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