Perfect As Myself

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 22:39 -- JHazy

Laying on a bed of dewy grass itching my finger tips
Labs lick my face, drool dripping from their puppy lips
Arms like blades cutting through the snow
Impressions of my guardian angels all in a row
The dull repetition of school signals with a bell
Morning coffee not settling too well
Woken by the radiating sunlight
It's hard to keep my eyes open and head upright
A shy fifth grader with fake feather wings
A tinsel halo encompasses my dreams
A tiny little voice sputters the sound of a Christmas carol
An audience applauds, confidence being my new apparel
As the blonde grows older, I fit into my mold
At first it was too fragile, but now it holds
High school sends a flock of amazing friends
Girls I can be myself with, I can finally fit in
Bleach-white teeth, smile lines already forming
They wash away all of my insecurities and self-loathing
As the oldest dawns a red cap,
Tassel tickling her cheek,
I sit in the crowd, one of many, not saying a peep
The summer hurts, and flies by fast
Songs sparking memories of the past
After a charade-filled sixteen-hour car ride,
Two pairs of feet meet the ocean's tide
A friendship that only grows stronger
I could stay here so much longer
Being away makes me miss my Ohioan life
We will meet again when the timing's right
As I return home I swear I see
Everything is beautiful
Even me

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I love this poem! Every single line has a beautiful meaning and also sounds really pretty on the tongue.

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