The Artists of Life

I am a compilation of every person I've known, every moment I've lived

I am molded like a piece of clay every day, shaped into a new work of art in each waking hour

There are bad times and good times, bad people and good people, and they all leave an impression

All of it makes me who I am... whether I wanted it or not

Change can't be stopped, it's inevitable, and it's happening always

I am who I am because of the life I've lived so far

I may not like some of these experiences, but they've created me and I happen to like me

The people and moments that are my artists are creative, they've thrown a lot of stuff at me

They've hit artists' blocks, gone through times of inspiration and depression, coming up with good ideas and bad ideas along the way

Some bad ideas got covered up by the next artist, some surprisingly worked out for the better

But all of these artists added character to the creation, one at a time, building on each other's ideas

All that hard work just to create one single person

I am my life's masterpiece

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