Fri, 11/06/2015 - 13:39 -- moped

Fearless is what they call me now

Confident and caring describe me today

How did I get here? Well I'll tell you how

For I certainly wasn't always this way.


Safe was the name I earned myself before

A rather selfish person always afraid of fear

When new challenges appeared at my door

I sent them away and said, "You're not welcome here."


But then I heard something to which I had to reply

A cry for help, a gentle plea

There were people in need less fortunate than I

So I went on a mission trip and became a new me.


There were buildings to clean and food to give

People to visit and love to share

I liked this new life I was begining to live

One where worrying for myself wasn't my only care.


Now I am fearless, I'll continue to say

Fearless, because of this lesson that I've learned

Fear comes from living selfishly day to day

And is only conquered when one's heart is turned.

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Our world
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