I am unorthodox.

Mon, 09/14/2015 - 22:25 -- lclorn

I am unorthdox.


What do you expect?

I mean,

I do come from a short line

Of strong women,

Independent women.


I'm free of whatever sosciety 

tried to do to me.

I am my own person.


To become my unorthdox self

It wasn't easy.

Girls everywhere falling for jerks,

I always thought 

where'd the boy who cares go?


Girls wearing makeup before,

They get their braces off.

I always thought make up was 

too much effort.

too expensive.


I mean I've tried it all before.

But I hated every minute.

I wasn't myself.

Others loved

my boyfriend,

my new makeup.

I liked being accepted.

So I kept playing this game 

I kept going.

Ignoring looks of disaproval from gen x.

Every day I hated myself more,

for falling victim to fitting in.


I finally looked into the mirror.

I saw the dolled up,



girl in the mirror.

I hated everything about her.

This shouldn't be how other people see me.


I killed her off that night.


I broke free from peer presure.

I am myself,

I love everything about myself.

I couldn't be happier with who I've transformed into.




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