I am Ratchet Stud

On the street,

people turn around to look at me.

Not because I'm a muscle stud that a thirsty girl would love to meet,

but a man with a crazy personality and an addiction to bowling and sweet tea.

Unlike sweet tea,

I am not all that sweet.

My attitude is a word that describes a female dog

and whatever jam comes on I walk to that beat.

I accept kindness and return the favor with a humble jog.

I also receive hate and send the messenger some heat.

I am a man of god

and have an old soul of a Texas wanderer.

I go where I'm needed while listening to my Ipod

and make the haters regret their choices like I'm their Fuhrer.

I bowl for a living,

everytime I strike it feels euphoric.

When I explain the feeling they tell me I'm tripping.

Well that's their option and I know im gonna be historic.

I'm a metrosexual with a redneck side.

I can buy a nice sweatshirt while my fishing skills abide.

They call me Ratchet Stud

and you wanna know why?

My personality is never a dud

and my image of others go sky high.


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