I AM......

This poem is about: 
My family



I am powerful

Late nights I struggled with no one at my side

laid on chairs, in between houses

didn't even know if I was going to eat that day

three years came and went

my struggles created a better person in me

it helped me realize what I was taking advantage of

being on the streets during my high school years

taught me not everyone has it made

be humble, help others, be thankful

now I see someone I can easily relate 

because I was in that same spot 2 months ago

No one knows my story, I kept it to myself

but now I can go and help someone who is going 

through the same thing I was going through

its hard not knowing what your going to eat 

where are you going to sleep the next day

or even that night. But now I can make a change 

because I know what I was going through 

can help others overcome it just like God helped 

me and my family.

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