The Me They Should See

I hide behind the pages of books... The author's words separating me from the world near beyond repair. 

What the eyes of ones I love don't see it that...

I have fear, sadness, and worry. They cannot see that side of me. For they, need to be happy, carefree, and loving. That is my biggest wish for them. For them, to not worry about me and what I do but to worry about their choices and what they do. 

When I don't feel like seeing those I know or knew, I hide behind my books or Kindle screen. My arms go up around my chest as defense, which draws people near. I hope that one day... My hidden self will disapppear. 

Leaving behind the me that I want them to see... The happy, carefree, and loving me. That is what my loved ones deserve, not the girl who hides behind the pages and screens. But the girl that wants more than to see them happy, but to see herself smile in the mirror and call herself beautiful. 


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