I Am Myself

I am a daughter.

More trouble than she’s worth,

But who’ll always come home for holidays (and maybe some weekends)


I am a sister.

The one who’s too annoying for her own good,

But who is always there for her siblings, no matter what


I am a friend.

Good for chocolate and smiles,

Who understands and who is understood.


I am a librarian.

Defending books and education,

From the forces of ignorance and uninformed prejudice.


I am a musician.

Speaking to your soul,

Through an instrument and nothing more.


I am a writer.

Drawing pictures with my words,

Spilling my heart onto a blank page.


I am a dreamer.

Living a life in my head,

When this life becomes too much.


I am me and nothing more,

I am everything I want to be, and nothing less.

I am myself.

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