To be real...

To be real I'm hurt. I'm hurt that I feel like it's so hard for people to be real.

I'm hurt that when I approach people in an effort to be real

They seem to be offended by it and stuck in their shell.

When I know for a fact that honesty is greater than any lie you could ever tell.

The only way for growth is to be as real as possible.

 It will change your heart and make you unstoppable

 Stop lying to yourself and your life will change, I guarantee!

Honesty will always have the power to set you free!

Instead of putting on that façade in order to blend,

Why not take a step into vulnerability and tell your lies it’s the end

When I talk about this ability to be open and free

I am referring to those emotions your too afraid of sharing

The ones that are constant and you can frequently feel

But won’t ever admit it because you’re too afraid to be real!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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