The World I will create

I have learned to overcome the challenges that I face in my everyday life

Pointer up1, Audiology

What I will become, what I will study

To help others, I am here.

 Pinky up2, ASL

American Sign Language, here to be unique

Hold pointer down3, hearing aids

The tool that as help me, but cause so much laugher and question from people

Hold pointer down4, clear

Clear, the way I want to hear people’s words

Thumb under four5, work

I am here to help other, the same way they have helped me,

Cross index and middle6, dream

I am a person, different in some way, but it has all helped me create a life for myself that

Only me and half hearing ear can do.

Thumb under four7, Change

Change I want to make in other people lives.

Thumb under index and middle8, no shame

I was shameful to use these tools, but after years of tear and hate against them, it as

Became the most important thing for me, and I don’t go a day without them.

Thumb under, over index9, I am hopeful

I am hopeful I will do all I set my mind too, and make all my dreams come true.

DIFFERENT, ASL to do all the work for my hear, but I will learn and cross that off

My list of goals.


My life. My support. Different. I am Jennifer.



**1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Sign Language sign 

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