Without me you are lost

With me you are found

Without me you cannot touch

With me you hear sound


You are nothing

But closed eyes

And dry lips

I am something


I am the seed

To open your sight

And give you taste

You come to me when you are in need


In the darkness, when the moon flashes

In the ocean, when a wave crashes

In the light, when the sun dances

In the desert, where the heat enhances


I am your guide

Your touch

Your steps

I am the sudor


I am what you abide

Your ruling and such

Your knowledge is what intercepts

I am your tutor


In the valleys, where the walls touch the sky

In the air, where birds fly

In the church, where you hear bells

In the swamps, feet stuck in the swells


You call out for me

You search for a god

That, I cannot be

That, is what is odd


I am...

What you cannot see

I am...

What your body ceases to be


I am you

I am me

I am he

I am she


I am nothing

But something, one in the same

I am a soul

With your name

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