I AM.....

I am a contradiction

I am the soft glow from a lit candle

I am a bomb

Tick Tick BOOM!

I am a weapon

My words, sharp like daggers will pierce straight through you

I am a shield

Always protecting and putting others first

I am a garden

A newly blossomed rose rising from the ground with beauty and grace

I am poison

I will sprout like a weed and invade your garden

I will slowly bend, take over, and break you

I am a doll

Fragile, delicate, pretty and poised

(However look closely and you will see my cracks and fragments)

I am a puppet master

I will manipulate you to my will and throw you away when I am done

I am sweet

Like honey in a southern breeze

I am sour

I will leave you in the mist of night with pain heavy in your heart

I am jester

Putting myself at risk and tearing myself apart to entrain you

I am a Queen

Quick to behead you if you pose a threat

I am happiness

Sweet innocent teenage memories that will forever remain in your heart

I am trouble

Danger! And warning sings flash around me (Don’t get too close, you’ve been warned!)

I am your first love

Sweet innocent and heart wrenching all at once

I am you

And you are me

A contradiction


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