Eyes of a Child

Thu, 08/27/2015 - 01:22 -- jkv1123

Time and time again I hear you speak

Spouting and spitting your misguided bigotry


I've grown and thought 

Everything you said, I bought


Hate-filled eyes and hate-filled lives,

A child's love is covered in lies


Oh my dear, heart of gold,

Honest lives and values unsold


Living and giving 

Kind and forgiving.


I can't help but feel this is all too familiar

Polar opposites and yet so similar


Living confused and walking towards the unknown

The words they say and the feelings they have shown


I cannot comprehend the differences between the two

Which should I believe? What is correct to do?


I've lived through two lives and two sets of eyes

I've seen through all your misleading lies


Finally I realize that for you two, this is all a game

because you two are a single entity; the exact same


I thought you were different, I really tried

Close-minded and yet so terrified


Your love is shown only to me

yet  you're outspoken about hate and partiality


Change is imminent no matter what

I finally understand my life, but


What path shall I follow?

One filled with love or the other, sorrow?



This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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