Pulled, Twisted, Molded, Carved, Settled

Mon, 11/02/2015 - 12:58 -- shyz333


United States
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I had a vision of my life

Who I would be, what I would see

As we all know, it’s shaping up

To turn out quite different that I’d have thought


Every person who has touched me

Has pulled my soul another direction

Some for inches and some for miles

But all have moved me


What I’ve seen of the world so far

Has twisted my beliefs

I’ve learned and enlightened

And now I know what’s right


Everyone I’ve loved

Every friend, fling, or lover

Has molded me and formed me

Into someone who can love completely


Society, and they way I’ve been living

Has carved me into who I love

What I think, how I look

How I feel


Experiences in my life

Have settled me into who I’m meant to be

It may be different than the blueprint

But it’s who I am now


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