To Be or Not To Be

Wed, 09/02/2015 - 22:54 -- Dhma2c

To be or not to be?

The true question is, who's really me

The mind of a kid who has a grasp on life.

 That can create visual replications of what is right

The past, the future, to him none so real

Can the world be really wrapped up in one tight seal

Is there a genius who can create another

If so, trash this one and come with the other.

Has there been enough of nothing special

For most they believe their going mental

Can my body be pulled and force to the next

Two of me where there's another who's best 

Visualize that one and let the former go

More room for the true being, now let it exposed

GO,GO, ROAM, Be Whatever’s Right

Is it what makes you happy or what makes the pain light

The sense of guilt should not be real

Only achievement of what's been concealed 

So is there a choice to be made

When the burden comes will I still fade

And is there a group of the same

That’s  here to stop me from change

So the question is

Who's to Blame?

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