I Am...


Mother’s first memories are holding their newborn.

That was not the case with me.

Put in a helicopter after birth, my mother became forlorn.

I was dying due to Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension, you see.


The first hospital could not help so into an ambulance I went.

Time was of the essence, my doctor knew.

Off to Boston Children’s Hospital I was sent.

I arrived in the middle of the night code blue.


Extra Corporal membrane oxygenation was my saving grace.

This was a risky surgery to save my life.

Now I was finally in the right place.

But, that was not the end of my strife.


Collapsed lungs and a brain bleed to endure.

Blood transfusions were needed until the fourth day.

My life was saved; they came up with a cure.

One carotid artery destroyed was what I had to pay.


Coming off morphine was extremely hard to do.

Learning to suck a bottle after four weeks was a feat.

My mother was always with me, steadfast and true.

My stay at the hospital was complete.


A hip deformity was caused by my surgery they found.

Another surgery performed put a screw in my hip.

Something goes wrong every time I turn around.

It’s time to get positive with a stiff upper lip.


I watched medical mysteries as a toddler instead of cartoons.

My passion to be in medicine constantly grew.

I played doctor and nurse throughout the afternoons.

Growing older I knew this is what I wanted to pursue.


Although I was awkward when I ran, I played AAU Basketball.

Not letting my hip disorder to define me and I was strong.

I was determined to conquer my aliment once and for all.

Made the All Star Basketball team and finally belong.


Sick lungs are no longer a burden anymore.

I decided to take classical vocal lessons and learn to sing.

My disease I could no longer lay the blame at one’s door.

My voice was powerful and quite the thing.


I volunteer at hospitals using my passion and my strengths.

Comforting and singing to children whom I adore.

To make a difference I will go to great lengths.

Hoping to imbue families to not let their illness define them anymore.


To the hospital that saved me I wanted to show my appreciation.

I organized a High School dance marathon, the first in the Northeast.

Sixteen thousand dollars was raised and given to them without contemplation.

I am a believer and an achiever, to say the least.


I became the President of Health Occupation Student Association.

At the convention in New Hampshire, I won first place in Prepared Speaking.

Taking two years of Health Occupation at high school laid down my foundation.

I plan to become a doctor, which is the career I am seeking.


To become a doctor, I need to apply for scholarships and win.

The reason is because my mother is permanently disabled.

Should I lose, I will be all right as I have developed thick skin.

Because becoming a doctor will not be tabled!


I never surrender to my fears, as I am a survivor.

To become the best I can be, I have striven.

Life is full of opportunities so I will endeavor.

I am fortunate and will live this life I have been given.


Despite the odds given me to live, I survived.

I have not as yet reached my pinnacle,

Yet I have gone out into this world and thrived.

I am and always will be a miracle.



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