I was, I am, I will become

Fri, 10/16/2015 - 18:42 -- jAnne

I am hardy laughs and the flight of bird wings in the early morning.


I am the first star that shines when i look up at night,

                              and i am the last one to disappear.


I am my father's hard headedness,

                              and my mom's passion.


I am the only body i have ever remembered being in.


I am the smell of coffee in the morning

                              and the crinkling of an old book.


I am my grandfather's death

                              and my puppy's birth.


I am my parents' endless drinks

                              and my best friend's addiction

                              I am my innocent baby cousin.


You can find me in wildflowers and crooked creeks-

                              the one particular bend where my canoe got stuck

                               and someone offered me a hand.


You can find me in my lover's smile

                              the way his arms are so secure around me.



                              For when all is said and done, I have been around for ages

                              and ill be around for more

                              because i was birthed from the trillions of things

                              that have come before.


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