I'm Like a Shoe

The other day I was asked to describe myself in one sentence

And when put under pressure, words shoot out of me like a bullet from a gun,

I answered, "I'm like a shoe."

I was then asked to please explain what the hell I meant.

You see, I was built to fit a certain type of person,

To protect a valuable part of you from the outside world.

I may not be perfect at first, but if you wear me in

You'll never find another person like me

Parts of me are pretty,

Made to bring out the best parts of you like artists do with empty canvases

Parts of me are not,

Battered and bruised because sometimes you step into things and now you can't scrape it all off

And I know I wear out sometimes

Parts of me start to fall apart

I am not perfect

But if you glue me back together and let me dry, I'll be good as new

And I know someday, you'll have to put me away

Next to the toys you don't need anymore but still treasure

I am fine with this

Because no matter how torn I am

No matter how worn out and broken down I am

I will still fit you just as I did the day you got me.

So I'm like a shoe because

No matter how much I'm falling apart

I am still here for you.



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