Words of my Page

On my page in this book called “Life,”

Words are everywhere.

They are omnipresent expressions,

They convey who I am.

Words fill my page because I love English,

And I’ve found they’re our most powerful tools.

I never thought I’d be who I am,

Feminist, liberal, intense, funny—

Only four of millions of words etched into my brain.

I used to have more negative words on my page:

Disordered, pessimist, sad, introverted.

I had stopped eating,

Food no longer one of my words.

I stopped feeling good about myself,

Confident erased from my page.

Young, scared, ashamed of my body,

Starving and deceived by my mirror,

The love for myself left.

I was hurt.

Now I’m healed.

The words on my page are many in number,

But they all add up—

They make brave, strong, passionate, and kind.

English, reading, writing,

They gave me an output to release my emotions.

I soon became happy.

       I am Happy.       


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