The 7th Sarah on the Roster

I am the 7th Sarah on the roster

the bookworm in the class

I am the typical straight A student

That invisible kid who gets by in the hallway without a pass


But I am also the diehard believer

The kind of person who trusts too easily

I am bleeding wax on the seal of life

the one who dances when nobody’s watching

only to return with a paperback heart


Despite the trials and imperfections,

I am bold

I am strong

I am one who feels the warmth of comfort and beauty in individuality

Who constantly constructs walls around the pounding organ in my chest

Someone who has witnessed conformity and cringes in its presence

I am the navigator of my future


I am one who has seen the worst

One who in absence of hope

At all costs, will create a way for it to shine through

Even if I am

the 7th Sarah on the roster

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