I am.. Scholarship Slam

I am me,

Not Barbie or a porcelain doll,

Nothing so fragile, 

After all,

How can one be this society,

A society that handles things with such force,

A society telling boys and girls who to be,

What to think, 

Sorry, I refuse,

I'll pass,

I will not sit here and let someone tell me who I am,

I am me,

I am good enough,

Ever so easily do we fall into a line,

So the same, 


What is the point?


Why should I let someone label me,

Does unique mean nothing? 

Has it lost all meaning?

I am me

I cannot be suppressed,

I cannot be silent,

 I am not defined by how my hair falls,

Or by the things I own,

I am not how many followers I have,

Nor how many likes I get, 

I am me,

I am a leader,

I am different,

And there is no one I would rather be,

I am me, Veronica Lee

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