I Am Wholly Me

Wed, 08/12/2015 - 10:21 -- 17awu

I am more than just a number,

I am more than just a test.

I am more than that pencil meeting the page.

I am mountains, I am earth.

I am burning fire, and I am pounding rain.

I am iridescent, I am pure.

I am bold, and I am cautious.

I have feelings, and I have dreams...

And I have love within my veins. 

I have grown, like trees and the flowers that coat this earth.

I am the wind within the leaves, and the waves within the sea.

I have understood sadness, and happiness, and everything in-between.

I have learned how to write, and how to read, and how to sing...

I am mellifluous, I am nefarious; I am ethereal—

I am entirely eloquent, yet wholly ineffable. 

And of course, without doubt, I am completely, tirelessly, undeniably me. 

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