I was fragile

My thoughts didn't know what to do with themselves

Looking for an escape every second of way

I was a stained person, staining others

People like me are "human errors"

Nothing about me was "natural"

but then I felt change coming

my distaste for my own reflection had broken too many mirrors

Change was gaining momentum

so I left

I asked for forgivness from those I hurt while I was hurting,

and left

Off to pursue whatever dream I felt could keep me stable

I didn't care what dream it was

I cared about my reflection

and I knew that with change,

I would actually like looking at it..

as me.

My life is natural

I am a good person

Attaining self-acceptance taught me everything

Everything that happened was so vital

Change helped me breathe,

but not those panic breaths I was used to

I was able to take deep, slow breaths

that I could follow with a smile

I love myself

I am all that I have

I didn't just wake up one day and change

It was gradual

but it was clean

I relaxed into my being

This was my revival

and I will always go back to me

Change is terrific

I am no longer decorating absence

I am filling it

with pieces of me

I am awake

and I am gay


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