Opening Doors

I keep running from my fears,

Torwards my happiness.

Blocking out the bad,

And absorbing the bliss.

 Putting up a wall when I meet people,

So I won't get heartbroken.

Not letting my emotions show,

So I won't cry.

Staying in a safe zone,

So I won't fall.

Sitting, wishing for fairyales to be real.

But now I'm stronger,

I realize my mistakes,

I'm going to change my future.

I'm done waiting for Prince Charming,

I'll be my own savior.

I'll love me for me-

Cause the universe made my heart a little offbeat.

Life will go on.

So I'll take all the possibilities,

And make them realities,

Cause my starsare brighter than ever before.

It's time to let my emotions become exposed,

So the world can beat on my front door.



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