My Ghost, Where'd You Go

We have voiced our thoughts

Tearing away from religion


Many think you’re not worth it

The pain you may cause


The stress

The money



But what about your love

Your relationship with me and others

Your rights to live here on Earth


They get stolen and unheard


What would you be

A student

A teacher

A doctor



You’re thought of as a speck

One that cannot be heard


You were torn from here

As though you were simply nothing

But now we know that you are home

In a place far away from this

Bitter world



Many have made a choice

But it is one that is not up to them



You are the love in our hearts

You are joy in our lives

You are the spirit we wish to surround us


Though you are here no more

This is not the end


We can still change what is coming

And make it better for the future

For people like you,

Little and growing,

Yet not considered life. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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