I am ProBlack, not AntiWhite....

I am Pro-black. 

No that doesn't mean I don't like "your people". 
No it doesn't mean I'm racist. 
Of course I still respect your race,
I'm just not ecstatic whenever I see you walk past. 
Like how your women fear our men when they walk by. 
I fear your police when they drive by. 
Like when your employers continuously try and kick us out of employment. 
I continuously try to get a job every last one of my people has gotten. 
It's not the fact that it seems like I hate you. 
Or it seems like I have no respect for you. 
But where was the respect for my people not too long ago. 
I mean the Civil Rights Movement isn't that far in the past. 
It's right around the corner. 
I fuck with all races not just African-Americans 
Just don't fully expect the same activism for when one of yours is killed 
Because remember although I'm not Anti-White. 
I'm still Pro-black...


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