I Became A Victim

Tue, 08/18/2015 - 12:32 -- bre178

I have never been one to hurt so easily
I have never been one to let herself feel this kind of pain
This pain so unreal
So unwanted
I have never been one to allow
A man to hurt me
To hit me
Lay his hand among my face
Feeling his might upon my face
I have never been one to be weak
I always fight back
I always put up my fists to square up
I dont know what went wrong
Why I didn't with him
Why I allowed him to hit me
I am not hopeless
I swear.
I am a fighter
I swore I would never let him hit me
But as he raised his hand
As he gained wind
Moving it to my beautiful gentle face
I froze, I could move even as my mind is telling me to
Looking into his eyes
Seeing all the angry and hatred in them
As his hands met my face
In a flash the stare into his face
Had disappeared.
Me on the ground as he's kicking me
Trying to scream for help,
Nothing comes out, not a word, not even a sound
I swear I am a fighter.
I swore no man would ever do this to me
But yet here I am sitting in the room
Where it all happened not long ago
Seeing his face
Reliving that day
The day I swore who never happen
The day I went from a fighter
To a victim.

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Deep. #Alwaysstandingstrong

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