January 13th

Birthed into a month

Of cold cold

winter cold

It's a murderer

It stalks us at first

You can feel shivers down your back

Before you know it
you wake up and it's there

Coldly killing
all life it surrounds
Kind of like disappointment
The years that pass us by
Mine in slow motion
Others in a flash
Curious, tranquilized, imaginative
Still years later
Unsatisfied, wholehearted,
but patient
Life Is like
A painting
Being painted

or a few,
strokes at a time


for lighting fast

strokes at a time

Yearning for completion

I want more

a deeper meaning

a sign

A saying to stand by

I want more

But what if more

Simply isn't enough?

Like one cloud


in the big blue sky

I Lost myself,

trying to please everyone


I’m losing everyone

trying to find myself

So I close my eyes

To old ends

Old desires

& open my mind

To new beginnings

And wait

I wait

Without expectation

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