The world, tries to put a label on every tangible item there is,

 While each of us spends our entire life trying to escape the title, It seems impossible to escape the unwanted brands , And yet we label ourselvesI define myself  by the way that I think,I am an intertwined string that has no real purpose but somehow managed to come to be,I have caused a knot that is a hassle to some and a work of art to others, I am knotted because I have come into contact with other people and their strings, I have pulled the strings of their hearts and they have mine,Each string has its own story,And each string binds humanity together,Each string weaves secrets and fears all into one giant rug,And with everyone's stories intertwined,we realize that our knot is just one part of the story, My mind is a knotted mess,But without the tightly woven knot,There would be nothing to hold me together. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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