What makes me... me?

I am from cooking pots

From Ford and Better Made

I am frm the grass on the front lawn

green, wet

It felt like small prickles

I am from the evergreen

Teh maple tree

Whose falling leaves would cover the ground


I am from the breakfast and brown eyes

From Kenny and Norma

I am from the stubborn and generous

From "be leader not a follower" and 

"always be you, because you're the best you there is"

I am from praying five times a day

Numerous verses I can repeat from memory


I am from Motown and the Lebanese

Fresh pizza pies and colorful vegetables

From the bone marrow my grandmother received to save her life

The teeth I lost with the help of my dad

In the closet were boxes of pictures

Happy and smiling faces to keep them living

I am from those memories-- before and during my time-- that make me who I am.

This poem is about: 
My family


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