My life true meaning

Life is full of choices,

To been seen and heard,

Or silent and invisible,

Choosing to do what's right,

Or what is easy,

Being able to face your fears,

Or giving in to your doubts,

Finding strength in your darkness,

Or being overcome,

Loving those who are hard to love,

Or ignore them completely,

Life is about being strong,

And falling when you are not,

And moving on,

Life is about learning,

By hurting from your mistakes,

Seeing what others do,

And learning from them,

Having role models,

Looking up to your parent,

Having people let you down,

This all a part of life,

Having people who love you,

And people who don't,

Life is about questioning your thoughts,

Creating your own opinion,

Challenging others,

And being challenged,

Standing up for what you believe in,

And not letting others change it,

Life is about being you,

And no one else,

Life is about letting God change you,

Letting him love you,

Letting shape you,

And knowing that nothing you do,

Can change his love for you,

This is me,

This is my life.

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Our world


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