I Am

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 11:42 -- mxp498

Who am I?

What an odd question.

Can you not tell?

I am me.

I am the soothing waves that lull you to sleep, that lap at your ankles, and deliver messages in bottles

I am the forest full of life, keeping my secrets deep within the woods and beckoning travelers to adventure

I am the gentle breeze that carries the symphonies of nature and herald’s the changing of the seasons

I am the warmth of the hearth that lights the way through long winter nights and brings the family together by the dancing fire

I am a glass box full of swirling emotions from the vice grip of grief to the radiance of hope

I am the emptiness of the void, vast and infinite yet filled with nothing

I am the amazement of the cosmos as we travel through space to uncover the secrets of the universe and find our place among the galaxies

I am the brilliance of the sun, blinding and flaring as it lights the earth and brings life to all who dwell there

I am the coolness of the night that is lit solely by stars and encapsulates the universe, causing humanity to awe at its miniscule yet miraculous existence

I am a fragile child full of insecurities who fears that one day the monsters in the dark will come forth and eat me alive

I am the brave soldier fighting an endless war to prove my worth and fight against the evils of the world, trudging along despite my wounds until I reach victory

I am the loyal friend who stands at your side through rain or cloud, thick and thin, at any moment I would take a bullet for you

I am the coward who hides from the condescending gazes of others as they judge me from afar and leave me for dead

I am the beauty of the earth with every breathtaking landscape carved into my skin, Mother Nature’s gift to her beloved creatures

I am the melody of the birds as they sing for their mates, the harmony of the brass as it anticipates the timing of the score, and the hum of the universe as audible and silent as its mysteries

I am a grain of sand along the beach, one of millions who together create a paradise

I am the wonder of a book full of excitement and passion with twists and turns behind every corner as the plot thickens with suspense

I am the imagination of a child, endless without limit as I think of new creations, my mind unbound from the restrictions of reality

I am a raging current within the seas who carries the wrath of nature as I crash against the cliffs and bring thunder and lightning overhead

I am the water that rains down to the earth which brings life to deserts, the silvery snow to rest on mountaintops, and the mist that covers the rainforest

I am a student, a co-worker, a friend, and a leader to a multitude of my peers

I am a sister, a daughter, a cousin and more to a loving family of many

I am human

I am me.

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