Her name means pure 
Her name means peace 
Her name means serene 
Her name as tranquil as the summer sea 

Her name means she's flawless perfect and sibliminally subline 
Her name means she's pretty and lovely in all that is truth 

Her name means she is exceptional 
Her name means she's dainty, sweet, and kind 

She is as delicate as the dew of a flower, in the morning sunshine.  
It means she is easily broken, twisted, and fooled 

It's her name that defines 
What's she's to expect 
What's she to be 
It outlines her life 
Its the nature within 

What's she to do 
What's she's to be 
How's she's to talk 
How's she's to act 

Her name is her guide 
It's her prison inside 
Its time to let go 
As its not who she is 

Break down the walls 
Let who you are 
Shine above all 
So you can be free 
To who you really are 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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