the Unknown

I am many things
for I am the constant change that has no range
where change is my constitution
and adaptation my revolution

For variables are not terrible
not unbearable
their constant change something definite
each change infinite
Thus it seems
I am a flustery set of dreams
I live a life of mystery
where every day is new history
my life a constant riddle
for I live somewhere in the middle
Every sentence a question
allowing me to be what ever I mention
for I am a clean slate
just like a shiny plate
and no matter what you say
each morning is a new day
for I am like written sand
as waves crash against the land
fresh and ready to be written upon
creating a new story
which forms my great glory
So a variable I am
and at times that is unfavorable
for I remain the questionmark that is at the end of a sentence
and who does not have a period that defines them
For i am... the elipsis that is in the middle of this sentence
leaving things to be desired
thus I am the variable not yet admired
But I hope some day
I will be a spire
that stands tall
like an exclaimationmark at the end of a sentence
and inspire!


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