I am searching

I am searching
searching for a niche in which my heart can beat
searching for faces with eyes not made of glass
in a concrete world of games abstract


I fled deep into the heart of the woods
and hiked across its roaring river veins
where it pulsed heavily with wildness
with feathered and fanged and fearsome things
and the giant redwoods and unblinking aspen
always watching over me, a cell
in this beautiful lawless mess
of chemistry too large and complex
for me to understand


And I did not find any answers
but I did find that my bones were made
of more than just indecision and air
And I fell in love with sleeping
deep in the thundering throat
of the woods
And I fell in love with the wordless creatures
that rule with unwritten rules
the darkest nights and the unfiltered air


In a place where you’re still allowed to die
I found a passion for living


But I’m still searching for a niche in which
my heart can beat fiercely and run wild
and my roots can grow deep and wise


I am a wandering soul, a lingering hope
I am searching


This poem is about: 
Our world


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