Broken and Whole

Shattered pieces of glass doesn't mean that you are broken,

It means that you are trying to put together a new you.

When I was shattered into glass, I did not let the pieces be swept up like dust,

I brought them all together, and recovered the memories one by one.





and Anger.


This was who I was.

I had the happiest moments of my life,

but the dark clouds of depression made me forget about the bright days.

I fell in love with an angel,

but some angels can make you remember that they are humans,

and that they can hurt you and make you angry


I smile at the broken pieces as the slideshow of my life reflects along each shard.

I'm glad to see the person I was, and the young woman I am becoming.

This is who I am.

I am not perfect,

but that does not mean I can't do my best.

I am not the most beautiful girl in the world,

but that does not mean I'm not beautiful at all.


The shards of glass define who I am.

Broken pieces of a body, being placed back together to form a new me.

Someone I will never regret being.

That, is who I am. 

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