Lost Childhood

Happiness, fun, excitement, where are you?

We used to be best friends,

now I can't seem to find you. 

I'm hanging up "missing" posters all over, 

I cherished the time we had.

I hope that someone will find you

and decide to bring you back.

I used to dream of being famous, 

I thought it seemed fun and easy.

But now I can see that it's hard work

and some idols are kind of sleazy.

I'm no longer blinded by rose colored glasses

or movies that everyone claims are classics.

I've grown up and I see the world more clear.

Everything can't be fun and games,

as I've been told throughout the years.

Once you're no longer a child you are expected to work.

The good things in life won't be handed to you,

they're something you have to earn. 

As responsibilities grow more and more,

happiness, fun, and excitment may seem to be gone with your childhood.

But the truth is they are still there, now they're just something you have to work for.

Growing up has changed me,

it has given me greater thinking abilities,

but most of all it has made me the picture of responsibility.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Perfectly captures the awful realizatoin of growing up and gaining responsibility


Thank you so much! That really means a lot.

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