Tired of the World

I'm tired of those sleepless and restless nights.I'm tired of the the fight between wrong and right in my head. I'm tired of my mind always planning ahead. I'm tired of things that need to be said that aren't being said.I'm tired of everything and anything. The world and its people have changed.All the changes vary in range.It makes my stomach cringe. People are becoming less passionate.Becoming less affectionate.Nowadays it's just about sex.Meaningless love.It's all about drugs.Getting high. The world is blinded.Where is logic?We need to find it. People are being mindless.They don't think, just act suddenly.It's saddening. It's maddening. At times, frightening.Frightening because I live here in this world. I notice these things.Everything people bring.I'm the voice for those who don't speak.But now we have to speak up before evil reaches its peak.Eventually the world will get what it seeks. Nowadays people romanticize the bad and wrong actions. Used to tell us to not do drugs.Used to tell us to practice abstinence.But logic has been absent.People getting in trouble for doing the right things.Good people getting arrested for doing their jobs.Many other things that are going wrong in our world. All these things keep me up at night.They feed unto my battle of right or wrong.It's like an ongoing song that will never stop.This is why I cringe at night.This is the cause of my sleepless restless nights.What has this world become?Please just stop the fights.And do what is right. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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