Nappy hair and Early mornings


I am from warm spring days and lovely blue skies

I am from Honesty and Forgiveness

I am from innocence and purposeful ignorance

I am from Friendships that last forever and contentment

I am from Spanish cuisines and African American descents

I am from childhood memories and overthinking

I am from coarse hair and brown skin

I am from long games of monopoly and Trouble

I am from imperfection and Free will

I am from I love you’s and You can achieve anything

I am from Determination and strong women

I am from Complicated decisions and easy solutions

I am from Concrete jungles and Big Apples

I am from Smiles and Hellos

I am from intelligence and procrastination

I am from from odd generations and bright futures

I am from golden opportunities and open doors

I am from reggaeton and soul music

I am from corny jokes and stupefying riddles

I am from uniqueness and Originality

I am from Nappy hair and Early mornings

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