Mon, 11/02/2015 - 13:35 -- ellyken


I'll go to Chicago.

I'll go to the city and get away from the pines.

I'll go to Chicago, run away from the tree where I'll spend the night when I'm 92,

never a day older.

The dead are killing the forests,

I don't feel like dying.

Empty space scares the world so we fill up ‘til there's nothing left to explore.

so we ship off our sons to get back what we deserve.

So we fall in love ‘til we get tired of pretending.

There's no quitting you now,


the power strip sleeps between us.

There's no electricity.

I'll have plenty of diamond rings in my life.

I'll have plenty of giants tell me they fall in love with me

that they fall in love with my eyes,


that they fall in love with their baby

that they love me.

I'll have plenty of diamond rings,
but I always wanted sapphire.

The heat is expensive so I turned it off.

No one can afford the warmth anymore.

It's expensive so I turn it off,

and I freeze,

like a baby in the snow.

In the streets of Chicago.
Where I said goodbye to death.

I'm a baby in the snow,

but I didn't really know

what I got myself into.

This poem is about: 
My family


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