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The filters that are placed over my image Will be removed The actions I take will occur, and never disturb my mood The flesh that sags on my skeleton Will no longer pick at my esteem
The problem with racisim is that even after the preputation of hatered from apathy has died down, and a new way of thinking is coming about litte by little, it seems to stay in the hearts and minds of those who suffered it to the point where perh
If I could change the world, I would bring the  rich and poor  together. To unite as one and come   together forever.  Yet money makes a difference, even though we all end up together 
Beauty comes from with Not from makeup and chemicals Beauty if how you are born You come in cleansed
If CHANGE were loose change- Coins found haphazardly in the seat of a sofa or trapped in the crack of the sidewalk The world would be a different place Loose change with little value
I was crying all the time, She couldn’t be there for me. The children were sad, My heart was hurting.  
What would I change? That's a simple question I would change the world we live in All the wrong we've been taught Our need to attack and criticize the things we don't necessarily understand
I want young girls to be able to look in the mirror and not want to cry because someone made them believe they were "too curvy" for their liking.
Prejudiced discrimination is rampant in today's society. You discriminate because your classmate isn't as smart as you are- He has never before had an opportunity to be educated.
When you think about change, what do you think about? Changing yourself, others, your community, the world? Media has come to make people want to change themselves. It picks at people  and publicizes every little mistake.
If just for a day everything stopped, Would everything fall apart? If just for a moment everyone thought, Is this what we really are? A million and one things left to do, And not enough time in the day,
Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it is an act of my ecstasy Those words I live for daily The love we shared eternally   Whisper in my ears “I love you” For it etched a tattoo in my soul
A movie is playing Inside my mind The type I’ve come to expect Not bygone moments Captured in the essence of time No, These are the instants Which have not occurred Or may never at all
I would change nothing Our world is the way it is A higher purpose 
Doubt Whe black clouded monster Under which confusion and chaos And self-loathing and grief Drown the souls of the inspirational dreamer and Slowly Kill Their hope
How could the world be made a better place? With cancer cured? No weapons? No abused animals? Or human trafficking?   If I could change this, they'd come back again.
Sometimes I wish you had more passion. Sometimes I wish your desire would take control. Sometimes I wish you'd just let it all go. Sometimes I wish you were different...
Do onto others what would be you. To change another would be to change oneself. To change their actions, their minds, their personality, the "being" in which they are. To change one,
If my Head is up there a part of  the clouds, then let the words that come out my Mouth,  be the first droplets of a Storm.   Storms can flood towns,  clearing away rust and rubble
Such a young age they begin to ask What do you want to be when you grow up? Adults want to see  how their society will be shaped. We're five we want to be our parents and our heros.
In The beginning it was difficult to go on my own, momma held my hand thru everything, days went by momma got ill and one morning she left me to fly to heaven, no troubles for her ,cause she was at peace, now were does that lead me?
Why do we hate, when we are from the same creator? Why do we criticize and judge, when we are under the same blood? Why can't we be friends , when we all sin? Why is a question that everyone face.
It follows me during the day and then falls asleep.   It is as dark as night,   And mysterious as space.   It makes me laugh, it makes me cry,  
Society is a copy machine Everyone is becoming the same  It will change our world.
My flesh, bones, and blood... Always being torn apart by a monster. Unknown by their actions, If I survived, I'd wake up with blood on my fur...   I'd cry, whimper and beg...
Open the book first Before you judge it. It may be a habit or possibly a curse, Regardless don't speak about others, Unless you know them well, Close like brothers.
I looked at him.    He was wearing a pink dress shirt. we were both feeling a different kind of hurt. He was much shorter than I remember him being. It hurts me that this was all I remember seeing.   
You use the word "Queer" you hope the picture is painted clear you judge off of looks  instead of the books homophobia is real they make such a big deal they are people too
When will it be Acceptable to simply be Without society expecting so much of me?   Get good grades Do community service Be in extra curricular activities When will society let me just be me?
Well life it throws you alot of things
 Through the looking glass
The tick tick ticking of time passing by The climbing numbers of a clock while, My mother tells me to stop, the minute hand Whispers to the hairs stretching up I plant seeds that I never see
All this violence, has its range, that's one thing  that I would change.   A bad night between couples, two many drinks, makes them rethinks their own happy nuptuals.   
She looks in the mirror and he tells her things.
*Scribble Scribble* Hmm... What would I change? Hey, how about a pony? I think I wanna trade in this Xbox for Sony. And also an extra controller for my homie.
Broken eyes like shattered glass, looking toward the heavens for an answer. An innocent smile, flipped rightside down, And a deteriorating soul accompanying it. Huddled against a cold wall for comfort,
There is only one reason. 
Why am I writing this?    Well, I filled out the forms, and I exceeded "the norm." I aced my classes I perked up my nerd glasses. I studied hard, I did what they said,
“What could we change if I offered to help?”Take note of this thought. Tape it to walls.Stick this to billboards and light postsand maybe the back of your head of you're bald!
The things that I'd change would be minds and heartsWhen the clock strikes the miracle hourThe peace that's been lostAt innumerable costsWould return with unity once ours  
The world tries to sell girls a plethora of lies: “You’re too fat.” “You’re too short.” “He’ll think you’re ugly.” Please, don’t put on a social disguise.   Piles of eyeliner, hair dye, lipstick, and blush
Step by step we walk a million miles Moving over mountains, through the sky Slowly wearing out the souls of our shoes Carving canyons in our wake   Hand in hand an act across the years
The world needs more Not in in quantity But in quality The worlds need change Change that will bring on the joy The joy that has been taken away   The change is in the oceans
  Show the world who you are. It is known, it is said, it is taught.
Long legs Long arms Slender Smooth Like a chair   You sit on me So much that You made me change Myself to suit Your needs
Today we’ve come from lands so far away From the hills by Dos Lagos To the Norco trails   From the windows of Eddleman To the West End Quad We’ve travelled so darn far
Oh what I would give For my little cousins to never grow up If I could change just one thing I would keep them young forever  
The Invisible Tyrant. He haunts my day’s dreams, spits fire from his eyes; a merciless king. He shelters Pride’s silence, and savors my pleas, he coddles the darkness that tackles my screams;
I'm trying to figure out the exact moment when you decided you were worthless.   Because in you I see Eyes that sparkle, Pearly Whites, and a Heart of Gold.   You are a treasure,
Twenty-four hour day. Why can't I spend it my way? To live is to pay.
In a world so cold, and unforgiving
Oh Superman, where are you? I'm scared, so please come help me. what could I possibly do? I need you to set me free.   seriously, I'm waiting! Oh Superman, where are you?
Who shall fly towards the mineral soil? Who ought to fade when the flakes lighten the grass? Who must revisit the ocean sky to accompany the blossoms?
I would comb the beaches of garbage--sca-tter--ed trash, collect the refuse like we once collected seashells as the waves crash.   And scrub off the chemicals
Summers filled with
Ask me, "What will you change?" The answer: Their hearts For with its beat is where it all starts- The visual of the world and all it's parts   Question, "What will you show them?"
Something that really bothers me that I wish I could change , is how the Florida Department of Education requires you to have a certain reading test score at the end of the year to get a diploma.
Society screams
Disordered             Beautiful Skin and bones             Stunning Picture-perfect              Thigh-gap                         Hip bones                                     Ribs    
The Beauty inside
As she looked into the mirror, All of her "imperfections" seemed clearer. She flet fat, ugly, and worthless. The criticizing voice in her head was relentless.  
Take my eyes away and blanket me in darkness the world of color doesn't just belong to artists.  I never knew blue or red or yellow what is this black you speak of fellow?
What would I change? I would change myself. Oh the things I would change, My weight, my clothes, my hair. The list goes on and on. But why is it the first thing I think of is my appearence?
Through the vastness of time And the stretches of the sea The continents of this earth Humanity, the world, and me.   What do I see in this place? Nations that always rise and fall.
There she sits peacefully among her peers Not bothering a soul, peace should be with her. But she holds imperfections to the Golden Ratio, A quality rejected by society I remind you sir.
  The blind man sits and sees with his ears Sees with his heart, sees with his fears He watches the children who push and fight
Obesity, America, young and old, I must change or Death.
  Many things demand solutions. Our First World problems, like Pollution. National debt. Unemployment. Animal abuse. Student loan payments.   I understand – hopefully you do too –
If I had the chance to change one thing To a better world, this change would bring The eradication of ignorance for discrimination would be key Freedom from this cage in which we keep  
Imagine - a world of honesty Where there’s no need for animosity Where well-being is one’s true philosophy  Imagine - a life of eternity A world without a monopoly A world with a shared responsibility
Today women have a voice, a place, And we are recognized for not only our beauty, but our intellect. Our contributions to society. But when we walk down the streets, 
The insecurities of a girl fought everyday The lust for love  always in the way The world that we live in, can be so cruel, But lets look at the beauty there is too, The green of the earth,
They don’t see the sadness in my eyes The way I have to live my life To fit in with them I must change who I am Even though it causes me strife   To be myself would be too hard
If I were to change any one thing Whether for the sake of my being Or for what humanity’s seeing
If I could change things in and about the world The sky would be pink Our skin would be chartreuse
She's in chains. She's behind bars. She's alone. But she's innocent until proven guilty?   He trespassed. He raped. He murdered.
Muffled cries when he trespasses her innocence Until he is found, she crouches in fear Tonight, she will relive the nightmare
Every morning she awakes in a one-room shack, feet on her back, and shares her scraps with six others.
If I could change one thing   I would give myself the face of a lion A body of steal Heart of molten lava So no one could ever burn me I would scare off the demons with my growl Stand tall
It rains every day in London And even the Hollywood stardom swim Swim transatlantic the teary, salty body of water Where coraled bruises decorate their body From all the waves that have crashed down on them
No freedom. You have committed the worst crime in their eyes. Being different is a sin. You don't think like them. Positive happiness is in your every thought. That isn't allowed around here.
Do we forget, simply who we are? When the stage is empty, the spotlight soothes, the audience cheers, and the limits don't exist.   We all wonder, what goes on in the head
I’m a mouse Always have been It doesn’t take much for me to hide in my little home Where I am safe from the daggering eyes Or judgmental looks of others But sometimes I get fed up
Today, Depression is synonymous with crazy. My mother treats me like A live bomb, Ready to explode at any minute. She tells me that I need the meds again Because I’ve been “too irritable lately”.
If I could change anything I think it would be my eyes, I don’t like how dark they are, I want them as blue as the sky. Or maybe I would change my thighs, They rub together and jiggle when I jive.
Gay. Faggot, Carpet muncher. Dyke. "You're Different" "Immoral"
No one knows what to expect at birth. I didn’t choose this life, life choose me It's just meant to be. No one can choose, I had to learn to adapt It was either that, or end up on my back.
Lights, Camera, Action Light, How do you see it? Can you even see it? Or is it felt on the fine arms that brush up when air is left of mist.
I heard a story one day, to my surprise I had nothing to say, It was something about this girls name, The sound? The origin? It soon all became a game ,  
A pumping muscle, the seat of the emotions A sustainer of life, or a ruthless murderer Bringing love and care, yet cursing the world with pain Choosing good, and choosing evil.  
Everyday I see the tradgedies around me, But yet I never think to change something that is within my own range.  To provide love and happiness  to those that only know fear and lonlieness, 
I'm so cold. The man on the news said that the number of murders nationwide have risen 20%. I can't find my mittens.
  The world is truly made by the sum of all its parts.  
“they” tell us (me and you), stick and stones will break our bones…words will never hurt you.
Confidence My confidence The struggle I sometimes lack My worst critic The voice that wants to speak out The same voice I say NO to Do I let it? Sometimes Afraid not to come off too cocky
there's so much hate and pain pouring into our lungs 
Heart is pounding, eyes wide with fright, A gun flashes in the night.   Running hard no where to go, Red blood in the snow.   Relentless hunters seek their prey.
He stood at the crossroads, looking in all directions. So many options open to him   Five roads is more than enough   He must find the one he is searching for. The clouds begin to come
Every introduction starts with a game: A game where questions are asked and eyes are rolled.   People wonder how much money you make and what college you attend,
Jame'ka   I am tired. I am furious. And I am amazed at how much ignorance still lives upon this earth. One day I would like to rise up and change the mindsets of the young adults.
A Cloud Who looms on the horizon, threatening to blot out the sun Or the moon Or the stars Or Heaven itself Ever-present, ever unplanned, It will always be there, always close at hand  
A Photograph of The Past   I’m laying here, the ceiling’s caving in. I’m staring up in a gaze waiting for the fallout. I’m still, I will not move. I will lose myself in this crumble.
If I could change just one thing, without the need to hesitate. It’s the cure, what I would change, To erase your existence from Earth,
A thought
The sun, 
I look back at the pictures. Her sparkling brown eyes seem to look straight back at me As her contagious smile warms my heart for the millionth time. I come across my favorite-
Life’s a gift But our lives are borrowed The return may be today, in a month, or tomorrow   Death is not a punishment Nor is it an escape route Yet it is something we all dread thinking about  
To save a life, is my dream. To save a life, is my one job; focus and hard work is what i do to get the job done, The saver of people is my title.
I would be better if I  had a flatter stomach and a gap between my thighs, had longer legs and bigger boobs. I am nothing because I don't have long, straight blond hair and flawless skin
9th grade. First day. "What would you change?" "Well sir I would like everyone to be free." "But how?" 14 years old. Tempted by freedom. Now 18 years old. And dedicated to the cause.
When people hear that word No one thinks of the power behind it It is as deadly as any weapon on Earth And an instigator for many of the world's problems: The blood that is spilled on the battlefield of war,
“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money.” – Cree Indian Proverb So here I am, standing alone in the open.
The way they see her The way their eyes scuttle up from her purple painted toes to the kinky curls upon her head Fixating on the width of her hips The rotundness of her belly The cellulite in her thighs
I would tell time to stop ticking so fast. Plead the sun to set later, and the moon to rise even later. I don't want the crickets to start chirpping so loudly already. I just want to stick to the past,
Her way of beating one down With her Artic words. Cutting like a knife She slices and dices Till she feels above But still seen as a White dove
The kid dreams of being an artist. No that's to unpredictable. It falls.  
Throughout our life, we meet all kinds of people. Confident people. Lonely people. People who can laugh at their mistakes. People who can learn from their mistakes. Every day, we see a new person.
You hear the words and you smell the cologne It draws you deep because you don't want to be alone. His words are like the calm wind in the spring He just wants sex; Your heart doesn't mean a thing.
"Keep your coins. I want change."These wordsWere rendered upon a ripped cardboard boxIn the hands of a manSitting on the corner of a sidewalk.Change.Change.What would I change?
 Descrimination.If I could change anything in the world it would be descrimination.
Anxiety is what I'd change But it looks so out of range.   Waiting for the day
Hey beautiful! Wait……What does that even mean? Beautiful? It means something that is gorgeous, stunning, jaw dropping. No those are synonyms, thesaurus definitions. Tell me what actual beauty is.
Spark of frustration. Discrimination. Crime. Violence. Rape. Exploitation. Fraud. Abuse. War. Spark of fury. What would you change? Change everything that incites a fire within my soul. Eradicate injustice.
 Let's change these very blatant stories we tell our children about how "boys will be boys" and so girls will not be girls.  
Hands raised  Hands held Hands bound, until one soul becomes a whole new class of genomes.
Explain to me the difference between a house and a home, I've tried all alone but only to find it's not in my bones, I'm deep, Deeply lost,  Deeply sorry, Sorry for what I am, Sorry for what I do,
Imagine a world of peace and happiness.
Lo! And Behold! We Have The Will To Triumph!   On the mouths and heads of demons, Are the thousand names of damnation.   They are:   Death, war, lust, greed, Hate, rage, pain, fear.
When I was young, I used to dream of far off lands and play pretend  Dance around school like i was in some fairy tale den. 
Why must women be subject to beauty? Beauty hurts. Why must we endure pain and hide our faces under pounds of makeup? Why must we go through the trouble of keeping our unruly hair long and attractive?
If I could change one thing, Just one thing What would it be?   Would I change the color of the sky? Or maybe give humans the ability to fly, I could change the food in schools?  
What would you change? What would I change? You would change the world to be the palm of your hand But I would change myself to be the queen of the your hand You are the first-rate officer
iam  not bigand iam slow to speechi spend my nights aloneforging plans for better daysbecause i am a wallflower.wallflowers are unassumingagents of change.
Appreciate. Appreciate the thoughts that come to the mind you were blessed with. The mind that’s capable of flying to the moon and raising a newborn child. Appreciate.
Change is upon us. It happens every single day. So I must discuss in great dismay.   You see, at an early age we were all taught, that respect was key.
If I could change ANYTHING in the world, I would not be a magician or wizard or genius Creating world peace, endless wealth and resources, the cure. I would make a change so simple and significant:
Living life is sometimes hard Not everyone is lucky enough to get the good cards But it’s not what you get that matters in the end It’s how you react It’s whether or not you’re that friend
I close my eyes & in my mind
Hatred, Anger, War. Darkness in the Hearts of Men. From what roots grow this twisted tree? Where drop its tangled vines? Implanted in Human Nature, Fear of Death, and Pain. A growing unease, uncertainty.
        Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you were suppose to be? People often think that you must have a specific skill set, look a certain way, or have a certain amount of money to be an acceptable human being.
You see all I seeIs the problem;perplexing? We have to find a less complex solutionThe problem you ask?The education systemWhy?Let me list themThe student motivation
People every day struggle The worries and dilemmas, Life's a constant struggle. I'd change reactions.   A smile from the stranger Two rows back on the bus, A kind word from the neighbor
Earth is such a wonderful place to live, It is such a shame humanity takes yet fails to give. The consistency of life continues to unfurl, The ignorance of mankind will end the world.  
What would I change if I were you? Or you? Or....you? What would I do? I would look around and see that the pain you bring to others, is the same pain you inflict onto yourself...
Denied. From the college of my dreams. The one that was supposed to help me reach my goals or that's what it seemed. They denied me. Me. The one who works so hard. But they accepted him
US welfare state You are chastized by many Why can't we just help?
Yesterday, I walked alone to class, I studied quietly, By myself.   Today, I sit and read, Studying still, Alone.   Tomorrow, I will be different,
If I had the chance to do something new,
To be free. To live as those others live, with smiles plastered crookedly on all of our familiar faces visions
Change guides man through life Without change life stands the test so change to live life.  
  The clock ticks and ticks But her thoughts are fixed In the nightmare of her mind. As she sits on the bed Traumatized; fingers shaking, a busted lip and a bruise on her head.  
It's a pain. A sprain to nurse. You just won't let up. You are a reflection of "us" and apparently "us" just don't give a fuck..... *sigh* You damn clowns. Go on back up under the big top where you was found.
Inspired by Billy Collins   It would be a lie to say I don’t have a habit of writing About every tragedy That is headlined on the evening news, A lie to say
If I could change anything I would grow claws and teeth long enough to cut through the fake, plastic coating  that covers the world saying one has to be
"If there is one thing you could do to change the world, what would it be?" The timeless and tired question Of what one might do if they had this impossible ability, To change the world.
I will no longer drown the quiet girl that reaches so desperately for air only to have a hand pressed to her face and shoved back into the water filling her lungs.   She will rise from the dark oceans
I am constantly faced with the question:   "What are you?"   Because I am not White enough To sit with the cool kids But I’m not Black enough to chill with the crew   "What are you?'
He was unlike any other man I’ve met.
I’m sure there are lots of things some people would change Wouldn’t anyone if they had the chance? Some of our ideas might seem way out of range
Troubled by the infinite A glass box, invulnerable
You can't control The rain or the wind or the sun. You can't control the seasons or the sky. But you can control little things, like what you eat and how you act. One change creates a ripple of changes,
On Ivy Day we learned that not everyone can hope.
The girl screaming down the street
As the flag soars high I begin to cry
Equality and rights,basic needs to every day life.Discrimination is what they face,all because of their sexuality and race.Their rights derided is unacceptable.Stop continuing on like it’s perceptible.
I close my eyes and I see myself
If I could change one thing it’d be the meaning of a rainy day. I’d make so that the children all can laugh and play. Rain isn’t to mean, gloom, drab, sadness, or fear. Rain comes to wash away every broken hearted tear.
One life to change at a time Not a minute sooner But a time just right.   A simple act. A thank you. A friendly smile.   One life to change at a time Not a minute sooner
            The skinny girl looks at herself in the mirror. Her lips are chapped; as she licks them she finally sees what her parents have been telling her for months. As she lifts her arm it looks like a stick that could easily be snapped.
They say CHANGE is good Perhaps even necesary But every experience i've ever encountered with CHANGE has been negative How do you accept something that you've never wanted?
The capability of having the right amount of distance between Earth and sun keeps us alive.
Resting my tiresome eyes, whilst not listening to whom has to speak; For I know what the truth is, yet no one sees as clear as the words that go unheard. These beings make no sounds, a voice box gone to waste;
I am fragile And I have worn down my bones to the quick Where my words have become quiet whispers and my yelling is deaf Where I have no reign and my tears have not stopped
The White Walls are coming downI thought I couldn't see color, but I doAnd so does everyone around meI realized my advantagesI am ashamedI see your disadvantagesI am sickened
I live in a country that is runned by money. Where our government elected officials look out for their fellow rich man.
I got no regrets, no,  but that's not to say there ain't nothing I wouldn't change.    I would change the way  I just stood there,  and took his screams, and his lies and his threats.
I would change the availability of music concerts because music inspires us to become more than what we are and at times better.
I think of when I was kid young and naive. Ousted by my own friend who left me for sports and the other who left for Arkansas. I remember the gravel I used to sit on 
Walking down Main Street, USA, Everyone skips with joyous mood. But if you look in a alleyway, There resides a solemn attitude.   Faces of the world possess, A mask of pride and joy.
I don't want to change my hair,Just because you say all black girl's hair is supposed to be straight.I don't want to change my eyes,
Mistakes, they rip apart our souls, thrashing against minds like waves against rocks. The guilt and anger taking over the controls.  Our every whim our every way. 
My pretensions now become me. Now you know that once upon a time I was innocent. I could skip a heart- beat and survive. The clouds could fall from the sky and the oceans disappear. That is such as a life and how
Wouldn't be nice to have a world like we've all imagined?Not a candy land,but an environment so welcoming and invitingthat every place you went felt like home.I would change the world.The whole world.
Flashes of fun as they hang here The cold, rusty bars never seemed so near As the soft, soothing breeze sways the chains Now withered and rusted from the passing rains  
I know what I've doneTrust me it wasn't funHurting you in the deepest of waysEven after you made my day.They say the heart wants what it can't always get,
A boy A boy and the world in his hands Everyday a new opportunity Embracing, achieving, believing A teen A teen and the world on his shoulders Everyday a new nightmare Fearing, wishing, hoping
The mornings pass like dominos,falling faster with momentumGrowing up, growing old,P.S. I'm not trying to be sentimentalI'll be an adult, fit into the mold
Charity, the pure love of Christ Happines, true and lasting Righteousness, the perfect example I am, before Abraham was
I used to be afraid of losing my eyesight. But now I’m afraid of losing my mind. The world is beyond crazy, I find. I turn around and see my life in hindsight, A shaded memory, a darkened twilight.
“This child is really special,” they said, And I feared. For what if they were wrong? But I smiled politely and got lost in my head.   I was given the test and immediately felt dread.
People say that eyes are windows to the soul. If that’s true I wonder what people see when they look into mine My hopes? My dreams? My past? My present? Every pitter patter Every yes, no, maybe-so
They isolate him for his skin color,an indication that he does not belong.They mock her for the way she smells,a part of her culture so easily dispelled. They laugh at his accent and the shape of her eyes,
The most powerful of emotions. The most needed emotion. I would instil love in every living being. With love there is no war, with love there is a healthier planet.
I close my eyes.   I want to see The canopy of oaks Dancing together        Swaying Their mossy branches Back and forth To their natural rhythm   I want to smell
We are wild and reckless, with our youthful dreams and the promise of change.  
The rap game is constantly changing Unfortunately, not for the better Instead of making songs about positivity, morals, and goals They're rapping about sex, cars, and  clothes
If I could change one thing, I would change our selfishness.  
What would I change?   Would I leave everything the same?   When you look at this world you see the answer.    People living on the streets fighting for there next meal. 
Why must they hurt for the sin of our crime? For the hate that we chime? We hear but do not listen, We look but do not see. Distracted towards the right of humanity,  But blinded by the greed of sanity.
I would have a home Warm in the winter with a heater by my feet Instead of a taped tablecloth as a window Cool in the summer Instead of filled with heavy, humid air
Do you ever wonder what it's like to not eat for a whole day? Do you understand what you are doing when you throw your food away?
What is change anyway? The shift of one thing to a next. The new beginning we are all looking for.  The hope for something different. Our belief that something great is to come  
Some things man should never know
The guns ring one last shot
Is it okay, To feed off of someone’s insecurities? To tell them shut up so often that they are afraid to speak out? To make them want to crawl into a corner and hide?   Is it okay,
The stage is brightly lit; All eyes focus on her. She's daintily astonished by the enormous crowd;
There are a few things I know of a surety, one is that there's great power in purity, Not just in actions, but words and in deeds. This is something, I think the world needs.  
21,000 every day 14 every minute 1 every four seconds one CHILD dies every four seconds!   poverty hunger preventable diseases silent killers!  
On a cold wet night, as you lay in a bed, feeling just right. Give this a try,  without blinking an eye. Step out of your door, stay there, as if you were homeless and poor.
She flutters her blue and black wings, Looking to land on something Beautiful, but where? All she can see is garbage, destruction, and despair. No flowers in sight, no trees where they were.
Imagine a land with more sound, The floating clouds, buildings all around Would echo a song Spiraling high, flying by, notes and chords abound   Each new day would be a promise
Lemme change one Just one little thing About this big bad world we're living in   I'd change  - well nothing   Yeah, you heard me
Being scared is no longer OKAYBeing weak is no longer OKAYHolding ourselves back is no longer OKAYHolding our hands is no longer OKAY
Did You Know?
Who Am I?
I am disheartened by the large decline In the vocabulary choices made By others who are posting things online I wonder how their English papers grade…   I like to open books that smell with age
I would change If I could change women’s volleyball shorts. their function is fine, They fit the way they were designed to I am able to dive, hit pass and spike in them.
Shadows keep us Stuck to the ground What would it be like, To finally fly?   Shadows: Fears kept together in such a way To create nightmares, Such worries keep people on the ground.
In dreams My my voice, my will Are as mighty as your deity. Just as busy moments become still, Speeding up the mental drill, All respect Creators as they were meant to be.   Creators, crafting
Bleeding wrists      drip         drop Broken neck, rugged rope        creak           croak A shot in the night         Bang             thud Blood all around
  A single word can change the world, the courage to say it, is all I would change. If we all could stop, Search and find, That one word That could change the world For one,
The ocean sprays my face; it enchants me. A sea of icy blue, it haunts my mind. It is the giver of life. It will be, what it will be. What a treasure to find.   The forest is mighty with branches strong,
The many alarms,they sing ever so often-our sense is softened. The screams,pain, and tears-our patients and familiesremembered for years.
Permanant marker X's  All across her mirror She stands in the same spot  And looks at every error  Like a wrong answer  Like a failed assignment  But at least she won't have to look 
When I was four I used to play school with my brother and cousin.We would take turns writing lessons on the chalkboard.The scribbles could have meant anythingFrom art to math to history.
Little children with waterfalls for glistening eyes Feel pain left behind from the earth’s constant change However we aren’t changing with it The battle for peace Isn’t peaceful at all
Beauty is only one thing in today's world
Up is down Down is up. Smile becomes frown. Misfortune becomes luck.   Try to disrupt the flow Of this universe. Break out of the cycle. We should no longer follow
  Do you love me?   Or is it lust?   Will you catch me?   Or allow me to plunder?  
Sat in silence and wondering how the world could be this way We're shaped with stamps of expiration from the day that we are made Time, my friend, he steals from me the chance to change my fate
If I could change one thing... I'd change the world. I'd change the country. I'd change the state. I'd change the city. I'd change the school. I'd change myself. Would I change?
There’s a reason why we all are trying To write for Power Poetry, Today’s education costs are flying As if it were some poultry. If given the power to change one thing
Inspiration Where does it come from? Echos believe it comes from the places we've been. Whispers believe it comes from the things we have seen. All I know is that it comes to us in slow waves.
never did i think i could be one of those people the people who love... differently. never before did i think id experience feelings  for that of the same sex though now i find it somewhat rediculous.
Change the world?  How?  Do I even know ?  The pain inside of each one of us,  it's catastrophic.  Do I understand?  Who understands the pain of someone else,  the pain people hide , 
Living in a town with less then 10,000, Creates an environment with little uniqueness,  Cookie cutter, cookie cutter, cookie cutter, Everyone is the same. How do we become unbiased if no one changes the game?
Peeking into the future once again, Our earth in ruins is all that I see. With humanity unable to bend,  How long can we go without the last fee?   Tornadoes eating towns despite sorrow, 
Suppose that we could put a stop To violence all around the world. Observe the pain of others, and Prove what could be ended here.   Veiled threats and hidden bruises,
gold.  nothing but gold.  all is gold. enters no one bold.
Dear Reader:   "Our globe is full of sadness and a lack of understanding," Says the news and high school, But also service and ideas and hugs, When you think about it.
I hope one day I’ll breathe in sweet relief Because we women, after fighting tooth And nail for equal rights, have won the war. We women stand with men, no longer small, No longer quiet. Strong with voices loud,
How long could she bear this society? How long
From the color of her skin to the definition of that boy's chin What can I change?
You look at me What do you see Do you see the stereotypical "double negative" Or a young woman just trying to live I'm just the same as you, you, and you Made of dreams, aspirations, and potential too
The world is not the same anymore everything now twists, everything now turns with all the new technology we the people are not the same we care less and blame more
mistrust, the root of all problems. don't trust your friend don't trust your neighbor don't trust your parents most of all don't trust  yourself.  you don't know what you want
How many second chances are we given on a day to day basis? Second chances are good, but not when the first chance was lazily wasted. Chances give us opportunites to improve...but at what bitter cost?
Education is the key. Become knoweldgable and open up an oppurtunity. In a world where you were once blind, Education can help you see. Education can be your glasses, use it to read.
Such wonderous pieces Spread far and wide With various colors that often collide We separate them  And choose the colors While some with one, while some with others But behinds these colors
Change people's actions For others to help one another  Instead of staying in fractions
If there was one thing I could change, There’s no doubt it would be To keep my parents here with me.   And no, they haven’t died. You can’t bring back the dead. And no, not arrested,
Dear Fear,
Perspective Something we seem to lack We must grab it to change it Step out of your comfort zone Into the shoes of the less fortunate Imagine the dust and bullets flying Imagine the thirst stinging
It's that time again that same Box again. That tiny square on every test that taunts me and says: You don't fit in here You don't fit in anywhere Your skin is too pale, you non-Chicana
If this world were heaven, it wouldn't be so shadowy and miserably sad.  
  Give a baby a hundred-dollar bill She’ll shove it in her mouth And immediately spit it out Because she’d rather suck her own thumb She hates the taste of strangers’ fingers That is just gross to her
  They look this way I shudder in the cold Talons through ice Tearing and crawling Beneath, all bleed
To change the world change must happen within ourselves Morality compromised by the drive of selfish ambition for if compassion is lost  how can humanity change? Aching souls sit on the shelves of the forgotten
Morphing from sky hue to minty green blue Stretching beyond the horizon of one’s eye With this great bundle of water there is no clue
Some say she was born millions ago, Others say hundreds. She's here now. We treat her like we're teens, We don't clean our room. We kill her children, Lo matamos cuando quiere cariño.
  I look at the world I was thrust into Those before me have left me with a burden of a debt And the wounds of war They tell me not to worry, They tell me that they are not the enemies
What's that feeling when you stand beside a casket; 
You turn your head and look at me. I can see the ocean in your eyes. What happens to the waves after they crash? The shells are tossed and thrown against the shore, But underneath the wrath of the sea,
The Old School is broken, shattered, in need of repair. The students want to learn but do not have the tools. Learning is not encouraged, despair.
If I could change one thing it would be my procrastination I'd say it must be ranked no.1 in the nation I applied my css late, cost me 20k off my tuition I wish i had some intuition
To change one thing and that is all I want. Life for everyone will be so much better. The living nightmare of hunger to no longer haunt. I am willing to write a letter.    
What will I tell my children 15 years from now?  My brave 8 year old boy and his sweet 5 year old sister? "Why mommy, is daddy away all the time?" They ask: "Because he is catching the bad guys" 
A look A smile A nose turned up A small crinkle in the heart Eye contact made A quick little wave A sharp piercing glare Eye contact broke Out on the street
I  want to be that Somebody you hear people talking about People trying to go against the Constitution Somebody should do something about that Individuals being discriminated everyday
If I can change one thing about the world what would be I would say where to start poverty strickin lows violence abuse depression starvation and weather crisis so many topics that need attention
Will I ever receive love? Will I ever receive a home? I could make a great friend I could be your best friend   I have feelings too I have emotions too Please, bring me inside from the cold
“When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much,
I can't seem to remember when time ran away I know it must have been here at some point before the play   It makes me feel so dizzy when I turn around tripping on my own two feet
...as I prepare for college... It's stressful, the whole process of getting there, but it's worth it... It totally is worth it... -JF
Everyone dreams it A tweek here and there, but is it worth it? Become someone else. Change just a little or change everything?   What point is too much?  
Cheers... To all the girls and boys who made it to see another day even though there are some who struggle to go the right way Cheers... To all my associates who get to walk across the stage in 48 days
No one ever contemplates the words that they speak. Never did one seek to release pain onto another as a thought.  Not intentionally making the burden rot. Yet it sinks in and sets into an undeveloped mind.
 He is a pawn. The boy with the sharp silver glasses who is too afraid to speak up in class.
Imagine everyone being happy. The poor, the rich, the hobos, the CEOs. You can, and in your mind, you imagine them smiling. After all, smiling’s happiness. But you’ve smiled.
You judge the "evil," But who gave you the right to? They're misunderstood.
i want to steal from the richfind where all the loveliness hidesand put it into people's bonesbecause they have particles of beautyin their blood.
Everyone is prayin', looking to the heavens. Looking for a change to save them. Me? I don't wish for things--I make them happen. If I had the power, I'd make them see See the potential within us all
We can only give to others
A system of organized conformity. Students rush from class to class. Girls in skirts, guys in pants. Clones.   Students listen, Write, Study, Memorize, But they don't learn.
I can't just sit around and wacth these little kids destroy their lives, Skipping class, starting trouble, doing everything except stimulating their minds, At my age, what I know now, wish I could just press rewind,
No one seems to understand why our society is the way that it is.
I see so much potential, yet these girls,
Oh if I could change it.  Believe me, if I could i would  but is it me or is it them  I don't know so how then can I  Change.    My heels click against the pavement. 
It starts small, and unknown. It spreads fast, and now shows. A person stripped of all their glory. Whether new or venerable, A soul's a soul and will be taken.   Overcome by the painful invasion
I would change the way people think of Feminism I want people not to think I hate men, I want Women get paid the same as Men.   I would change the way people see bisexuality.
  Silence.   I’m choosing not to speak. Everything I say, I say it on repeat. My answer- I don’t know.         Silence.    Yes. I really do.
When I am with her the world misses a few revolutions. It's cliche and overplayed, but my heart flutters and the butterflies in my stomach pound... ...maybe i screwed that one up again.  
MONEY. POWER. GREED. Society’s skewed perception of success needs to change. Compassion Love Learning Forgiveness Happiness Sharing. Success isn’t measured in salary
How about somthing new I'm so bored with everything all this old makes me blue   I find it offensive When you're scared and any mention makes you defensive
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
Changing would be fun, When all is said and done. Yet some would find it rough, For changing is tough. Being nice for a start, Or trying to create art. Listening to others,
 I am on
  We all cry, laugh, and love We all are born with nothing, and we all leave this world with nothing. If I were to change something in this sphere of chaos It would simply be social classes.
The pursuit of truth   When I ask my mom, were you crying? She lies I ask dad if he drank all the money He lies When I ask my friend, did he hurt you? She lies
Take it all away and what do you have? Honesty? Openness? Vulnerability? The makeup is a mask you hide behind It dilutes your beauty; it doesn’t enhance it Don’t you see? You are so much than makeup
Everybody deserves a chanceAmerica the home of the free, THEY SAY NO discrimination, THEY SAY
Monday morning, six o'clock. Dreary eyed and delirious you step into the shower, go to school. Thirteen years of this, now pay us. $30,000? Forty? Sixty? Why not make it higher.
You want change you say, and here you all are preaching it. Preaching it to please. Please who? Yourselves? Pu-lease.           Oh, oh, oh! I'll change lives.
One thing,  I could change,  I could be selfless and say poverty.  The boy on the corner who looks hungry,  Offer him a meal and feed his soul. I could be cliche and say sadnesses toll. 
Here I am— Hiding behind poetic words, Hating that I’m afraid to speak audibly. Here I am— Hearing my voice in silence, Hoping these words will speak for me. Here I am—
I look around and all I see... Is hatred, loss, and misery. The world is on fire And we cannot even admire, The beauty behind the simplest rose... We are busy battling our foes  
Your parents have told you, since you were born, Of the scary man offering sweets. "Stay away," they would warn. And sure, they were right! To give you the advice But... did they remember to tell you there is nice...
Freinds keeps us sane in this world. They were faithfull durng childhood, unplanned. They kept us away from famiy dinner tables. The rules of friendship should be rewritten.
What would you change, if you could change anything? The fancy cars and diamond rings, the money and expensinve things. The lack of respect we have for ourselves, the way we only fcare for whats on the shelves.
I hear the squeaking of shoes on the gym floor I see the sweat dripping from determined faces I feel the motivation and drive coming off of every athlete I train I am an athletic trainer  
If it were up to me, college would be free. If I could change on thing, people wouldn't have to pay. If education truly matters, why are we forced to spend so much money,
I could write on how I would change the world, the races, or the interactions between every human being. But to many readers, this would be unreal. I could write on how I would like to change my future, my style, my face.
Wishes are fragile As is the course of fate itself So I would like to wish For only the smallest of wishes I would change today’s society
On a road to fame... Most people would expect to see shame. Drugs, sex, and violence, stain the lives of the rich and famous. These "idols" inspire us teens to do the same, But really, who is to blame?
Familiar faces. Nameless places. Confusion. Waking up from the worst dreams and waiting for the best. I've seen deterioration. I've seen procrastination. Putting off the necessary for what is contrary to belief.
We woke up in this place, shattered but alive,   The world is a monstrocity,  we manage to survive.   Torn up children's faces and corrupted civil wars,  
Today it’s so hard to be different at all. Today it’s so tough to be just yourself. Today acceptance just doesn’t exist. Today our lives are not our own.
If I could change one thing...  I would make the world sing. Speaking note by note, phrase by phrase: Joined by a single language;
The world in a perpetual state of distraction;
If we opened our arms, To hug her tight, If we wiped the tears, of whom cried at night, If we listened to the voices, That were afraid to speak, So eager to be heard, But never said a word.
When I was five years old,I heard that boys stood when they peed.Angry and jealous,I dragged my princess panties down to my ankles,Held my skirt above my belly button,
We come to You with all the right intentions, But the moment we set off they burn to pieces. And it's only now that I realize, Just how far I've fallen from You. In Your spotlight, I become convicted,
what would i change? no matter how big or small what would i change? I would make the smallest kids seem tall I would give knowledge to the ones who need it most
Here Comes the Sun BAM! Here comes the sun So bright and luminous It shines in the eyes of children all around the world, playing on the playground as their world is in chaos.
Humans are the dominant species Creating buildings that penetrate skies, And having every artificial and natural luxury From this, our evils arise… Entitlement Selfishness Disregard Hate.
please let me stay me unless she loves another
What I would change In this world with many things Is the attitude towards women When they wear shorter things Because I shouldn’t be judged Or followed down a street For wearing a dress
What would you change?What would I change?When not just one thingEven more than just a few come to mindWhat does that say?TrappedIn a world whirlwinding in such disarray
How eerie were the deep blue skies,
When given the choice Of what I would change I say go big Or go home   I would change  The way life works and even make God Scratch his head   Imagine a world
I would have changed the way I treated her. Cast away from the land of African Pride, That one snowflake  Unable to melt or shine. I was supposedly a nice person. I was that girl 
  I am powerful. 
The floors painted red The yelling is over The sky has turned smoky With souls put forever to rest
People with Special Needs, Would just be special and just have needs.
Change. We all crave it. But lets pause and lay on the sticky grass.  Change. Listen to the slow jamz throughout the summer nights. Change.  Don't change the station even if you don't enjoy the song.
This planet is home  but we treat it with such waste we trample this place yet we claim to be the superior race?  Mother Earth is hurting she needs some help our society needs changing 
I was seven years old, when I knew what I want to do. Its easy to dream big when you are young, everyone encourages you to dream big as you can but as you grow old dreams turns to dust
  If I could change one thing, it would be discrimination The only thing it brings its separation The world has no place for segregation We are brothers and sisters So why are we adversary?
The distance is killing me, I’m slowly ebbing away. You have my heart, I cannot take it away But my heart cannot live in two places at once So I want to curse every mile that’s in between us,
  Today a boy will fall down unconscious his trembling form on the bathroom floor one hand clutching tight a bottle filled with little white exit signs
Children today are estranged from nature Missing out the little experiences  Like skipping a stone across a pond Or hearing the chirping cicadas on a summer day Or feeling the sun's gentle warmth on your skin 
It's great to see technology increase for the better good.It's great to see people control manual robots for precise surgeries.It's great that deaf people can hear, and soon blind people will see.
Change is coming in this life or the next  to make in my community Is providing the youth with multiple opportunities to get involved. Children will most likely stay out of trouble
War is everywhere Let us all come together And make peace instead
Our labels define us Mother,  Father, Student, Nerd. Jock, Alcoholic,
Our labels define us Mother,  Father, Student, Nerd. Jock, Alcoholic,
I am a very religious heterosexual female. I am currently dating a guy, going on a year now. We are very happy together and we've even discussed marriage way down the road.
If feet beacme hands what would you have? Two extra hands, just what the world needs two hands for watches two hands for saving time Two extra hands are what the world needs two hands for inspiring
A question rings in my head An echo that never ends
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Flags are nothing but color. Caucasian, Indian, Islander, African Skin is not the issue in particular. Trans, Gay, Straight, Bi We are all the same.
To change, alter, modifyIf I had the power to revolutionize,Every stroke of the brush placed in my right handwould ever so gracefully trace my vision. 
An expert dressed in appropriate attire
  Running down my face  Tears, I see 
Change. Such a broad word, for such a monumental feat. The key to change is tolerance.
Save the trees,save the bees.Shall we appeaseall off theseideas to change today? I highly doubt that I apply,The bees are plump and tree grow high.Instead, I look at those around me.
Dear Reader,   If I wrote a poem for you, I'd be willing to bet, I seem rather normal, for a person you have not met.   If you saw me from a distance, I look like a pedestrian at best,
so we grew up in boxes tall rigid  unyeilding that allow for nothing but conformity designed from conception when  sperm meets egg our parents didn't know but every time they told us
so we grew up in boxes tall rigid  unyeilding that allow for nothing but conformity designed from conception when  sperm meets egg our parents didn't know but every time they told us
It’s not something physical and that’s what makes it difficult.   The key to change is always education. Not just of the main applications   But the liberation of the mind
I walked with my shadow, side by side.
                                 Imagine  a world..              A world where there was no more countless killing              A world filled with peace and love
  You're the wolf disguised as sheep yet many would accept you in a heart beat, you lie and deceive through your smile yet many would ask, won't you stay a while? you say one thing but mean another
- as i sit here waiting to come up with the decision of what i would change about myself, the world, or my community. then i noticed i never really had a answer, or just one answer to this question.
Change; a single word to revere, Bringing about hope or fear, Depending on the ear the word falls near. To change the world; a new frontier Or uproot a life you hold so dear.  
A dream.
I'm paying for a piece of paper.I'm paying to take classes with information that I can find online with the click of a buttton.I'm paying to stay in a dorm where rules are constantly broken, and my sanity incessantly tested. 
I look forward to the day When the share post doesn't need to say: "Share if you are a strong black woman who doesn't need a man." "Share if you are a strong woman who doesn't need a man."
Warm Feet If you do what you like, you’ll never work a day in your life. There’s always a way to do it your way and get paid, so I’ve been told.
Who has time to help others these days? Why care about them when all I want is to get paid. Yen, pounds, dollars, and notes. Change is forgotten between the cushions of most.
      What if you could see that person one more time, What if you could hold their hand, and look into their eyes, What if you could talk to them and laugh out loud,
Someone save me. The world is turning into turmoil. Everyone's gone crazy. Politicians are stealing money. Children are being killed overseas. Young girls are selling their bodies.
So short the way we live why not change while we can we can change the way we see no labels on people look at them all the same look at tehm with love not hate treat people with kindness
I'm fed up with the drama It never seems to end I'm fed up with the tears That no amount of hugs will mend   I'm fed up with th attitudes They drive me insane
  if i could change anything, i'd reach my hands into everyone's 
I wouldn't have yelled, "I love my other grandpa more than you!,"When you made me eat those onions.
Think, Thought, Time, That is all it takes. Take a moment, To really appreciate, Think of the choices, Think of the effects, Think of the people around you instead.
If ignorance is bliss Then let me off this  Ride I refuse to be blind Shutting off my mind Forever Okay to only follow Is a thought I cannot swallow Down
Let's do this before we expire don't look away or you too will transpire into a mindless individual a zombie to them they take you and use you until you are dead open your eyes and listen closely
Music education improves the lives of everyone.   Better grades. Language development. Higher IQ. Improved SAT scores.   But all of that doesn't really
  Around my neighborhood Around my street From the city in which i live in to the shoes on my feet Poverty is at an all-time high People are stuggling to get by The thing that i would change
We can never be good enough for society So long as we’re not perfect. Because perfection is beauty – Or so the world claims.   But what the world fails to see is the beauty of imperfection.
This world is all about "me"
With God’s pen in my hand, just
What is there even to change?
i wonder if we will ever realize we look an awful lot like ants working so hard to move over a crumb proudly building our beds but the storm can wash it away any minute panicking over a dew drop
if i would change one thing. one thing in this heartless world- this perverted culture- this unforgiving city- this violent school- this lonely house- this trampled heart- it would be-
Life can be beautiful But for some people it can be brutal  Leading their voice to hide And to become shyness bride
What would I change? I would change the violence. I would change the arguments over land and power The small fights on the playground I would change the divisions man has created  Why?
If I could take a pen, And make the world understand, I would, Paint a picture of peace, Clarity among the people. I would make them all read, Open their minds and see,
Once upon a time is how it used to start Now we see more and more marriages being torn apart
Whatever happened to the evaluation of our own sins before casting stones at others? Have we all forgotten that lesson?
Thank you for caring.
He doesn't have too many friends Then again, it's a small school None of us have too many friends But he doesn't have too many friends And he's walking down the hall And someone yells out "Hey! Look!
Disregard the color of the skin that you see on each person, Forget that they are either male or female, Who are they? Are they someone who lives a daily life? What does it really matter?
Challenging myself to Have a better connection with the world And making myself known while Never becoming someone I’m not Going to be proud of in the
Convicted and confined, Before you knew your name. Forced to give your life, While you were but a babe.   Crowded, beaten, and thereof, All life outside unknown. Living on but corn and air,
I would change the stares, the whispers, the words that exit an eye, a mouth without consequence of how that exchange can change her life.   I would change the apathy, the indiffence, the exuses
Let's go way back to ancient times. The past unraveled just take a look. What you seek can surely be found within the pages of a history book. Martin Luther King has known exactly what it was he sought
What would I change ? The world.... so that children would be fed hate would be dead and love can wed so that promises could be kept and tears wouldn't be wept but where dream's leapt
"Oh my God, I love your skirt! (That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen)" I mean, who hasn't seen Mean Girls? I watch and I laugh But isn't it funny how when we laugh,
You can't look at yourself in the mirror anymore without seeing failure written on your forehead. You're at an all time low.
If I could change one thing, it would be the expectation of perfection. The "you. can. do. it." attitude. The "you. have. to. do. it." domination. I would change the world
A frown Takes a flower A tear Takes a hug A fall Takes a hand Focus on the here Change the now The future is changeable The past is the guide The now is action
In my world the pink would be purple, The orange would be blue. Gray would be a yellow no one ever knew. The grass shant be green, and the sky shant be blue. The young would be old, and the old would be new.
Vision has been a treasure to me Ever since I was young But then, three years ago, A new song was sung I was only seventeen
It is our country's disagreement that furthers our environment, of homes without fathers, sisters, sons that are away, fighting for some peace between the nations, but it was our leaders' own decisions
Home makes a difference.  Hard work makes a difference.  Stamina makes a difference. Perserverence. Support.  Patience. These should all be enstilled in all.
The word Love is so outdated. (I adore your very being) Overused (you are an amazing person)
Triangles or Rectangles I can never decide... My brain says I'm male       My body....too bad you are still a girl The struggle everyday     What do I choose?
A man sees another man. The man endears the other man. The men love one another. *turns page* The men are an abomination.   The father beats the child. The father starves the child.
he's always eager for school to end they tease and taunt his jeans never fit right, he only has two sweaters. but to them, it's funny   she goes about her school day embarrassed
Waking up Filled with anger Blaming the world Why - Do I Do this to myself It's just me and no one else The games I play The things I say
The world is too big for one man to do all the talking The world is too small for everyone to speak at once That’s why I’m speaking my mind now
If I could Change I would... Change anger to happiness, Change hate to love, Change violence to peace, Change crime to good deeds, Change controverse to resolution, Change pain to laughter...
    My body is malformed.  It has every single limb but I can't conform.  The thighs, the sides, the stomach, the hands; they're all too round, too soft. 
If I could change one thing, Let's say about my school, It would be what we represent. Dress. Our dress code is fair And all the teachers our cool, But there's one thing that just gets to me.
    I would change the way people think But since that is no the case I would not change a thing Our world was perfect
What would I change?   Me..   Somehow recreate a better version of myself in the hopes that it will create a change in society as well     What would I change?   Him..  
Place me in a world of peace and I will know bliss. Throw a grenade of love into the city and they, too, will know this. Take out your tazer and shock me with kindness.
If there was one thing I could it would be the way my town is seen. From  towns around we are know as the violence plagued town. Every night on the evening news the top story is another homocide. Never anything positive.
Waking up is difficult for me That's when the thoughts start Mirrors torment me I don't look like beautiful girls look I am not a size two My hair is a mess My stomach potrudes more than I want
I'd change his mind about me Change his train of thought
I only wish for everyone to know. To know the truth.   To know our Savior. To know the cure for LIFE.   We take freedom for granted While others are tortured and jailed 
Round the corner again. Walk 20 meters to your right. Now go forward 15 paces. Turn back. Look around. Feel the breeze.   Its warm. Could be called sunny even. Sit down in the shade next to him. 
When I'm told I could change anything The dark, blank slate of my mind lights up with a million stars I realize I could have money, fame, power
If I could change something big or small I would choose to change it all Nothing can become better without growth Even change seems out the picture, the most important piece is hope
You can’t fix world hunger without first feeding the starving mouths in your community You can’t fix poverty without first helping someone buy necessities   You can’t fix pollution without recycling
The choice is mine Suddenly I see A million things  relying on me. To change a life? To disrupt a cycle? Can I validate this happening?   What to choose; What to do;
I’m aware we’ve been trained to believe that the anorexic frame Is the most desirable frame of the female form, Curves are out and thin is in,
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
If I could choose to change
It's funny how we remember what we don't want to While things worth remembering are easily forgotten I try and forget, I really do But those memories seem to be stuck like glue
The one thing I would change is love, that is it For nothing but love hurts worse than love, I'll admit   It kills and it shrivels and knocks us all down It warms and it fills and changes a frown
It was the way you braided you
You view her as pretty, nice, and sweet But she is not what she appears to be Behind the facade she is a monster Who unwillingly destroys and never prospers She tries to change but its just too hard
If I could change anything I would change it all. But for this here I was told to think small. The biggest change I would like to make, involves the unforgiving souls for goodness sake!
If I could change anything, I wouldn't change a thing. To change a thing would change the world, thats not for us to do.   If I could change a big thing, I wouldn't change a thing. 
Still nowhere to go Optimism running thin   Bermuda triangle Lost in the sea  Limbo   I'm tired of all these pressures I'm tired of being tired i'm tired of being me  
We look in the mirror and see a thing, We are so set on what this thing should be, The hardest realization that goes through our mind or occupies our time, Is the reality of our human being,
Change the perspective Change what's right and wrong written or spoken Change what's yours or mine – ours  
If God was to ask me what I desire, If a genie was to grant me one wish, I know one hope burns inside like fire, That all the defiliers could be demolished. The man who took the girl from home,
L O V E Those four letters spell love but that's the only love I see. In the society we live in divorce has become such a normalcy. If I could change anything?
I had a dream that someday I’d winWriting and writingagain and again                              I had a dream that this was the oneCould it be I’ve finally wonOnly to loseoh yesagain
For the thought of any Person to impress themselves upon Another by force to be Incomprehensible. 
  I dwell in a constant space, without change Where faces begin to act as one. Where words without thought crawl forth And where the mighty sun stands without change.
Some rose early , while others worked late into the night But at the end of our day, whatever time that may be We each must put our thoughts to bed,   The head may lie on soft down, 
The wind blows, the river goes, my mind wanders, but I can only ponder. Why are we on this earth? All we do is keep giving birth. We give birth to monsters. and we are the sponsers...
Compared to this world I am young But I am as powerful as any President I would change the world to be better place Do away with all of the pollution
I Aim For A Better World By: Kary Dujuan Goff Jr.   I am green and gold, and sometimes grey.  
If I could change but one thing in this world of ours It would be the definition of normal Or rather the existence of that vague yet constricting concept So simple yet so broad yet so double-edged this rigid definition is
We drift along the edges,
How can we live in a world where nobody even cares? Filth and destruction, everywhere you look. You can't look away from the digust. Mother Nature can't believe this can even be happening.
How often do we wish for something so simple, a sign that people care,  that there is kindness in everyone's hearts, yet we forget to smile at strangers. I try to remember that when I see others,
36,24,26 i
Everyone wants to be different But we still remain the same.    Claiming things we will never do; This is what I would change.    If we actually contributed, If we actually helped,  
Live in harmony Such sweetness so satiates Change lives with music
I would change the way, people look at things. The pain and the suffering we cause for everything. Like the right for people to say, the things they truely feel.
Her shadow was so bright that I could not see. I hoped for a new change of time, or woman to see. My wish was bare and I gained nothing more,
The sweeping sounds cascade out of the stage Bouncing around the room, Mixing with the cushioned chairs And the old-people smell.   The brass blasts out a baleful melody
If I could change anything about the world I would change the media
  My little boys loved to play with their toys Creating mock battles with mini planes and boats and tanks Which would cause incessant screams of joy
Summer, Warmth that enveloes my skin and ignites my soul, Lingers for mere months, I wish for it year-round. Heat.   Winter, A chill that surges down my spine and deteriorates my soul.
I hate hate. There are so many things in the world that need to be changed,  but hate is the first thing that needs to go. Hate takes many different forms and is all too easy to have.
Poison setting in the blood and mind A rush to get some help, living down the road Running down the rabbit hole fighting for his life A great loss of brother and friend, he did not make the code.
Cold hands invade the innocence of cold souls   Cold souls afraid to save themselves of cold nights and cold eyes baring upon them  
  The Ant House Mirrors have been guiding us through the smoke since as long as man can remember. Fools; a society of leashed fools
If I could borrow a mind,
Disclaimer: Genocide only occurs nearby the main river For all to see I did not slaughter, I was simply assisting. Ethnic cleansing of myself and people
  If I could change one thing, What would it be?   Would I change the world? No war, no illness Plenty of food Lots of green trees?   Would I change society?
These days,  sleep is not rejuvinating. It is merely a break. Our schedules have become god. Living under its laws, commands, edicts. A calendar has become a checklist
As a 19 year black man in to
I live in a society in which the people – they don’t care. They tut and they tsk at third-world problems “Rape is bad”, they recite, “and dirty water is horrible
Money money money that's all we ever talk about. People who don't have enough just want to scream and shout. Some people worked hard and can now call themselves rich.
We live in a world, so full of hate. We live in a world, where that hate is directed towards ourselves.   We point out every flaw, and slowly begin  to hate ourselves,
We live in a world, so full of hate. We live in a world, where that hate is directed towards ourselves.   We point out every flaw, and slowly begin  to hate ourselves,
  There is change There is inspiration There is hope left in these young bones.   I am a kid Grown up too fast in social expectations. I am a kid Watching others do the same.  
Everyone should have food
It seems distasteful to choose creatures of this world over Humans. So much to change between
Looking down at the scale, A little girl’s legs tremble in fear. In shock she turns pale, Hoping she could disappear. “I must starve! I must starve! No one will love me, If I do not barf.”
From nine to five, nobody is home
Who am I to say what matters and what doesn't?Am I not someone?I've always been toldthat I am too young or too oldto think or to know,and I've got nothing to show.When will this change?
Please do not doubt a word I say to you, My thoughts and my words are sincere and true. And to you my darling, I must confess, My happy love has been put to the test.
What would we be if god made it so we couldn't see?
I would change is the uncertainty that the troubled ones face the ones from a broken home facing disabilities  there is hope for each and all of us  
Suffocating teachers Stressful cliques Vulgar language Vindictive characters
We can't change anything where we are now, we have to take stand, do something,   but that doesn't give anyone the right to criticize another, just because their views are different than our own, 
They say to me “you are so damn quiet.”
The Image of Beauty  What is beauty? Is it shaped, colored, living, a symbol, an image?
Sean realized at a young age Other boys were not quite the same He wasn’t on the same page   No one was to blame He was so estranged He felt naught but shame  
  This thing all things devours; Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel;
I haven't always been the same way, she was once 9 years old.
With me, what you see is NOT what you get.
I could change when school begins, I could change the length of day, I could change static’s attraction, I could change the color of the sky,   I could change all these things,
This religion was not mine. This rich heritage and culturethat has been blanketed over mewas not given to me at birth. I was given no choice in the beginningto accept what God had planned for me.
I would love to give you a serious answer to your serious question. Picture my tightening my imaginary tie and clearing my throat, about to pitch you the fix of a life time. I would love to tell you that I’m about to cure cancer. But I’m not.
When I turn on the nightly news,I don't watch the weather forecast anymore.
Change is painful and stressful, But it is necessary to move on. Sometime change is dreadful, Other times it is as easy as a song.  
An incomplete family morns and weeps
I give you my hand. I hold your hands. I give you  my arms. I give you my shoulder to cry on. I give you my heart. I give you understanding. I smile for you, you smile too. But if you still feel the darkness,
There's something so beautiful About the way bright lipstick Clings To a faded cigarette. She must have been so poised, Lips pouted perfectly, With that slender smoke
So They Say Why be so greedy? Why let that destroy you, destroy us  This world revolves around money Absurd how people are rich while others suffer from poverty.
I look at them, their hearts on their sleeves. Unabashed, unashamed, they stare at each other Their eyes, so fierce, so knowing Their touches, so confident, so sure And their hearts, their hearts on their sleeves.
If there was one thing I could change I would make a world of peace Bound together by hope That we shall live with those we love
September 11, 2001 started how? Two towers stood tall. Ninety-three became a plow. One hundred and ten floors tumble and fall.   October 7, 2001 at war he said. Sixty eight thousand troops there now.
A Light in the Darkest of Nights. By: Keila Levis   I see love at first sight. I see wonders in the sky. Like an owl, I see the darkest of nights. I see loneliness, as I spy.
The city is a misunderstood wonderland 
Imagine living, not surviving, but being free, where doors can be unlocked at night, where police are seen as just and right, isn't that true liberty? Now picture the means,
Everywhere people seeing with sightless eyes. Feeling with closed hearts. Distancing themselves from another's reality. Over looking the fallen, the helpless, the beaten down and the broken.
  We Are The Same   We were made the same  The big, round world is everyone’s fair game. We all have thoughts, desires, and wishes.
When you're born in an encouraging household The world is seen through different eyes You don't have to struggle for love or validation Sure your family is not "perfect" But they raised you to believe in yourself
I wish you could have watched me grow up I wish you had held me when I was scared, You treated me like I was a hiccup Almost like you hadn’t cared   I wish you could have known I was a “daddy’s girl”
Discrimination, inequality, and prejudice, words of hate and ignorance. "Better", "traditional", "correct",
The fields once filled with such wholesome color, now floods with dimming sadness.
To change just one frown   fill one stomache   is all I can try to do.   To give one blanket   for one warm night  
All we see, all we hear.
that girl is dressed in black from her head down to her toe her name lost in a stereotype  that some may call "emo"   that boy who holds his lovers hand and smiles as he kisses his lips
Hey Johnnie Give me your lunch money Hey Johnnie Give me change for the bus Hey Johnnie Your locker rent is due Hey Johnnie There's a toll to get to class Hey Johnnie
What would you change? Such a simple question People wanna talk But they don't wanna hear the lesson They say they will be there for you But their mouth is always running Whenever you try to speak
She's the girl that everyone thinks has it all. They couldn't be more wrong. There are nights where she cries herself to sleep, Dreading the morning where she will have to put her mask on again.
I turn on the news Rape, murder, missing Those words have become boring to me A black boy has been shot The white man who killed him goes home free Bullshit What has this world come to?
I want to change the way boys look at me. I want them to stop seeing my body as the tenement of their eyes. I want to stop feeling dissected by a glance up and down-- just checking out what I have to offer. 
What would I change? That’s easy; the range.
Why don't you stop and stare? Then you'll realize not everybody cares..  it's sad really. People are blind Blind to the fact that the lady sitting a table behind them suffered from depression
In history class I watched the Indians, Assimilate, Their culture was destroyed by,
It's so very hard to know what to say
  Though it may be far-fetched or seem unattainable I would change sadness, it would not exist There is too much sadness in too many people I would change happiness, it would be infectious
A generation pressured by society A society driven by expectations and decisions Decisions that restrain us like animals to a cage A cage that strips what little freedom we were given
If I had the power A power so strong that it could chang anything No matter how big or small Only one thing That thing would be the world To change the world Where discrimination wouldn't exist
Love is love, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and all, Be yourself, and do what you believe. Take every day with stride, Don’t worry about what others may think. It’s your life, live it with pride!
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The life of us,        It's funny how you pull us down,        lashed out and cut us up,        beat us in drunken madness,        hushed us silent and        kept us stupid, for what?
there were pretty daises but the lights are all gone the sun’s on vacation the stars have seen a galaxy far more beautiful than ours they’ve gone on a journey   the light bulbs have burst
I close my eyes and imagine what I could change, only timing.  Currently a  junior in college and a mother to be for 6 weeks now, I would change timing.  The time it took me to put together a diet and exercise plan for a frtiend, the timing it to
What if everyone smiled? All the time? They say smiles release endorphins and endorphins make you happy. What if you smiled while you cried, smiled while you looked at the sky, they say smile and the world smiles back at you. Let's try. 
If I could I would change the nature of hate in our collective culture.
If I could change one thing What would it be? I’d have to change everything I knew that was the key  
Sticks and stones may break my bones But words always scar Negligence to be the same Falling down the road to self hate   They say, “Retarded, idiotic, queer”
Humanity: We look for solace in bottles and pills, Temporary fixes for paying our bills Because a permanent change takes too long and we're lazy.   We're greedy and spoiled, Undignified and disloyal
As the world continues, we are rejected. Can we make them finally see they are wrong? Can we finally be accepted? Empowered that's what we are.
Change?  Could you spare some change? Maybe the question should not be could you spare change but will you dare to change?
I walk down crowded streets Filled with people,
Pride gets in the way Envy lies in hearts  Gluttony overflows our nation While lust tears relations apart Anger boils within our veins  Greed prevents us from our potential
The ability to change anything in the world, with a snap of a finger, much like a deity Unlimited room for potential, yet unlimited room for disappointment
If I could I would reach out to the world and cup it in my hands,
    What a shame society is today All I hear is negative, slang term, hate When did all the love go away   We should care what everyone has to say Cant we just start over with a clean slate
I stand in front of the mirror- a girl I see, She has blonde hair, green eyes, a pleasant face to see.
Broken mirrors scattered across the floor Shattered mirrors and broken doors The remainder of a forgotten, past war And the dying bodies of a marine corps  
A single glance, a sneer A single tear, remorse
A big change in little ways. One step at a time. You don't need a giant leap. A ripple can still create a wave. Giving money to the homeless. Donating can goods. Volunteering an hour of your time.
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
We are Huma
There would be no such things as guns. In fact there would be no such thing as war. Death would only be achieved by old age. No one in this world would be called a liar, a bully, a cheater, a monster.
Politics change things We hear the Liberty Bell as it rings It chimes, it tolls, it swings America the Beautiful   But why is nothing better Leaders promise change
  No matter how much freedom I have,I realized that by knowing the reasons and outcomes, I am restricted from possessing these infinite decisions. 
People walk around as they laugh as the others stand in alone as if a polygraph test that the "others" takes blinks and beeps, people not knowing how the "others" weeps behind weak doors that hold back
What is wrong  with today's youth? We are all stuck  in our little booths.
Imagine a world with no sense of privilege, no sense of self betterment, no sense of egocentrism. If everyone were the same, then no one would feel downtrodden. Everyone would feel the obligation to help one another.
If God blessed me with Power, I would draw out all the hate in the world Like sucking out the bad blood to save a life I would wrap it all up in a pretty package And swallow it whole
If asked to change a thing or say
What is it about the world to have the colors of the rainbow?
 If change were to come I would break out, no longer scared no longer hidden.
we compete with our siblings for attention we compete with our class mates for the golden stickers we compete with our school mates for class rank we compete with national students for college admission
With many injustices this world is torn With apathy its people do race With malice the masses exploit the unalike, for being born With a different-shaped face   With bitter cold sadness I watch all of this
I wish food didn't have calories I wish grades weren't so important I wish insommnia didn't happen
Isn't it funny how change is the only thing,that stays the same.If you only stay for the day,My life will change.We are never the same,Even from yesterday,Because in this world,Change is always,
What if, one day, you woke up and you noticed a change.  Your hair is no different,  your height is the same, but you feel it in a place deep down all the same. 
It is not what I would change It is what we can change Inside of ourselves
Grab, break, abuse Even if you win, you lose Picture this: A little miss, not much bigger than yous Just wants her dad to give her a kiss But insead shes greeted by his welcoming fists
I saw you murder them But no blood was spilt Dead You murdered them You poisoned them Dead I saw Dead I watched you kill his mind Smother his mind Strangle his mind
If only Eve hadn't bitten the apple. If only Cain hadn't hated his brother. If only Jimi hadn't done all those drugs. If only Adolf hadn't waged his war. If only I hadn't gotten so angry.
What would I change? I'd change the negativity the fact that it disrupts my activity. I have a choice to think positive but why do I choose not to?
The change we can bring ...
We can change The woods, mountains, and valleys. We can change 
Their stomachs are growling Their faces filled with fear From the steps they hear prowling Their daddy is near They flinch out of habit They’re scared for their lives
If the world were in the palm of my hands And I was able to make one simple alteration I would change society and its idea of perfection  
If I had the ability to get rid of one thing It would be the judgment we fling At one another on any given day. Because we feel that it is the way To popularity; being “cool.”
Some say that all have a fatal flaw, a flaw that will at us gnaw, and weaken, and maim,and hurt our spirit. However, some believe in a way to cure it.   I believe in such a divine law,
Once was a heart of a dreamer, Full of aspirations, Hope of the nation. Once was a toxicated heart of a dreamer, Crippled by disbelievers, Only left with imaginations.
There are so many things in my life that I wish I could change; There are so many crying and dying in vein. The one thing that I would change would be to have a chance to contact those who have passed.
All I see is vast, empty nothing, oblivion Nothing can be changed, nothing And it plagues me like an existential schism But isnt nothing good? To listlessly waste away
I would change my friends I would change my past I would change the words I used I would change not going to Mass   I would change my heart I would change my future
Ugh...I just cracked my iPhone While kids in other places are recovering from cyclones I just got dumped by my two week girlfriend While other teens lives are coming to an end First World Problems....  
I was thirteen when I figured out that water Doesn’t come without a price And I’ve come to terms with the millions of Starving children that don’t cry for food But for a freedom that tastes like the sun burning
This word is everywhere, in school and in government. Why does this word still exist? Is it ignorance? Or is it power? Percieved power has more influence than actual power.
           Reminds me of spring.            The flowers, the sun...            A beautiful month that            Means so much. There Is            The beginning of every-
Unhealthy human beings. Everywhere.
Change change change I for one am no fan, but it's inevitable This life in the fast lane, change comes up every hour minute second Everything in life is so easy
To change the World would be a drastic thing Who would be born? Who wouldn't be? Would I be here  Or would you If the ancient past never came true?    
If I could change one thing in the world, it'd be how easily we get bored. How we give up on eachother, and let go of one another. How we don't rememeber how to love, all we can do is push away and shove.
The ease with which you look me in the eye Speak your words Tell your lies Stirs contempt within my mind. I cannot change who you are
One thing to save the world. One thing to make all well. One thing; only one.   Some starve while others waste.   Why?   When all the world is a stage
air. bleach. metal.  we did it out of mercy. you see, it didn't speak as we speak. there was no other way. volts. roads. bridges.  at first i only contemplated, and then I knew I had to.
Little girl staring at the blackboard. Font of the class is no place for girls like her. The silence at recess tells her she is forgotten. The noiselessness carrying across the pint-sized kingdom.
I want to
Change is coming you will see, closer now than it was the other day.
SLAM,BAM BAM. Fire, Ash, and Wind,Leave us with a world of sin. Hate, Crime, Rape,Who's to blame for heaven's sake? Heaven. Up. The sky,God will help, right?
The truth. Always hard to face but we all know it's there.  We ignore it saying "It's just a phase."
Look into their hearts and you will feel. Look into their eyes and you will see. If you are willing you will find them In the streets and on TV, How often do we consider,
If I had the power   If I had the power, I’d wipe all your tears
Body image issues, sleep apnea, heart disease, infertility, gallstones and diabetes? All are caused by being overweight. It also becomes difficult to find a mate. A nation where everyone is too large,
I am in love with this girl. This girl makes me feel emotions I've never thought I'd be capable of feeling. She is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life, with her silky hair, big rosy cheeks,
One day is all it takes One day to make them break They’ll see what I see They’ll hear from me   They should be mute for a day. Congress, president, the parliamentary They cannot talk at all
What is one thing that people need more of in this world? Self-esteem.
the one thing I would change is that same sex marriage should be legal. to some people it may be unconstitutional but it is still their way of life and every one is equal or at least that's what they tell us.
Sometimes I hear whispers.Sometimes I hear words.Almost always I hear rumors that are seemingly unheard.I know what they're saying."That guy is a fag,
Change.. the great mediator of life, Eye constantly ask myself what could eye change and how? Often to stumble upon the question "what couldnt eye change?"
Race. What is it? Who needs it? Does it really make a difference? Or does it only impose limits? On the soul.
Living in a world Where nothing can stay the same Where everyone is fretting Day after day   Why should those who need it Have to go without Are we trying to destroy
"What would you change if you could change anything in the world?" "End world hunger", says a poor boy on free lunches from his school district
People are fighting here and there. There is Bloodshed Everywhere. The Armies of men are Barbaric The sights are enough to make you sick
I am a stair case out of a burning building My heart, the cherry bomb that Couldn’t consume the flames My body is wildfire started fromOne match I am a rickety fire escape  
The world is black. It can be unfair.
What I can seethat needs loveis the way america bewith money distribution hereinabove.     We all think we are not rich. MORE MORE MORE MORE!But some live in a ditch.Think of the poor!
Justice needs justice Peace needs peace The law needs equality And guns we need the least Innocence and guiltiness is in disguise of people and the color of their skin
If i could change anything in my world, it would be the heavy reliance upon materialism, most teens in America are unaware that they are spoiled,
we are all the same one human race living together one god we all praise
The thing i would change is the thought about race Ill make a change across the nation and the unified states To show the people of the world what they've all been missin' And make the world see my vision
Why can she not speak? Was she to blame? The words whispered in her ear, The hands that touched her, The scars on her body and heart, Was she to blame?   Silenced by a culture who has no pity,
Slow lanes for the elderly, middle lanes for the normal walkers, and fast lanes for joggers and people in a hurry.
In times of wishing for a change
Hate. The one thing I would change.
About a third of Americans are overweight, Their way of life is the reason, That is my debate. A change in health and habits, A more conscientous land, Could bring about a difference,
I love my hair, I love my eyes, I love my mouth,
I, an average college student, would change:
Like a tide rolling in Or a gust of wind, We are constantly taking Taking from each other Which takes away from us Taking this beautiful planet And turning it to dust.
If I had power I'd change government spending. Then that would change this.   No more stress crying If the government cut back Except on funding.   Maybe I could go
My life is like a 6 inch String, Threads upon threads creating String, But there’s just one 6 inch String.   Strong, weak, judgment,
What would I change, you ask?
Be the change you wish to see,but often your eyes are blinded.Be the change you wish to feel,but your touch can be misguided.Be the change you wish to hear,but sounds are so deceiving, 
Jane Smith disappeared at the age three when her only family died in a car crash.There was no natin wide call for action to find her,nor candlelight vigil to keep the memory of her alive, because there was no one left to miss her, no one left to
Change Such a powerful word, Is it good... or bad Both? Change has the power to fix Or ruin Everything. But change is only a word without action Action Action
If I could change one thing in this world I would eliminate doubt. You could be the next Picasso, the next Magic Johnson, the next Steve Jobs, the next Oprah. But you're scared of what he thinks, what she thinks.
A man looks down the sights of life and death Gripping the decision to kill Oblivious to the consequences of his soon-to-be actions A moment of regret glistens as he pulls the trigger
Change is a powerful thing Sometimes it brings us joy And sometimes sorrow At times we do not see it affect us
If I could kiss every malady from the cells on your heart And the neurons in your brains Then my mouth would turn red and bloody raw Because I would not stop until all were healed.  
The whole world would love,  WIthout a doubt in my mind,  No one would be above, Everyone, a bit more kind.    Spreading happiness from soul to soul,  Instead of bringing people down- 
 Oh My Gosh, I Hate Myself! I am hideously atrocious. Why can’t I look like her? She is gorgeous; a size zero; tall; model-like. Everyone adores her. Why can’t I look like her?
all of my walls are closing in they are made of: Me those walls have caved in  before when everything was just fine along with: Depression Anxiety
The things I could change  If I was given the chance Is the way I'm looked at In passing glance My hair has seen the rainbow My lips tasted coal My closet ranging from student
it's that time again, to go
Do you know what it's like to feel so out of control like your house is not a home and your friends leave you alone?   Do you know what it's like for every mistake you've made
I've only a little more than a dozen years But I can sit here and feel your fears. I can see the rise and fall Of the most glorious kingdom of all.  And despite all that I yearn,
I go through the day Man, I see all the pain   Through trials and rain Our youth’s lost in disarray   While the Son shines on my face The dark clouds leave them in the grey  
Helping Other People Everyday
Change Is a tricky thing How do we say That how things are Are not how they are meant to be? But, I am sure- Things are not meant to be Intolerant. We should love And understand
Society needs a change. Society tells females that they are beautiful without make-up, without pretty clothes, and that their weight is perfect.
If I could, I'd make people be kind to each other Bullies and racists just tear people down If I could, I'd be the one to turn it around If we all play nice, we can all be happy
Causes words why need We have great words without them Come on out beauty   
Walking, Sitting, Days pass. Begging for money, "Please?" Passersby passes. Lying on the street, Gunshots fire, He passed.    
I want what I can't have
Our poor world is hungry, Hungry for peace the doesn't come, hungry for love that can't be won,
I will change how you perceive me The world is waiting Clouds clearing Our eyes finally esteemed to what really may be I believe the allusion has sewn our seam The allusion of difficulty 
I believe in a better world, Where parents are there for their little boys and girls,   Daddy's never go away,
If there was one any thing I could change around me it would be all the negativity day in and day out around me its makes no sense to hate on someone who is doing better then you let that person persevere
Foe or friend I chase no more Of Cesar’s stag1 For such a pain it’s brought Its bounds have torn
Hate exists  Whether we want to believe it or not. Those who preach purity, fire the first shot.   Gay, straight, confused, transgender Does it really matter what kind?
Have you ever heard of a fallacy? Well that is what has happened to me A generalization gone wrong Making the application process rather long They said it would be a breeze scholarships will come with ease
Remember when a man was judged by his quality of character,  Rather than by the amount of digits his paycheck read every month? What about looking up to a woman who shared her ideas,
Dark clouds roil over dark buildings  and cover the sky
A moment in time when nothing seems to go right Waiting for the time to come Patience A time in space that has completely ceased to exist  A time when everything seems to last forever
White is everywhere.  I am surrounded, engrossed, captivated. The walls exude it, the people express it. They wear it like a badge of honor  Which it might be.  Boasting in the glory of their ancestors
To change one thing would be a dream. Where people don't bully or judge. Whether it's just because or you're holding a grudge.
Change, a small word that doesn`t come about easily.  I want it, but how come it never comes to me? Changing yourself is one thing, changing others around you is another.
She leaped from the dirt covered alleys To the asphalt paved roadways Leaving behind her A distant memory of poverty And entering A world of opportunity  It was a long and grueling 8 years 
To be able to live. To be able to feel every moment. To be able to capture memories. To be able to grow. Rather than just breathe. Rather than just go through the motions.
I would change me My hair My nose My face My skin   I would change my weight My height My everything   I would change so much you wouldn’t recognize me
Everyday people seem to want a change. In themselves, their lives, the world. People don't understand that it can be a destructive force. If you change Amanda, then there will be no Amanda.
People do Wicked things all the time, Some are just small time delinquents, Manipulating people to make a dime, But the real Hitch has been relinquished.
Where is the love in this world so cold? Has compassion died off with those who are old? Has the ghost of the heart flown away?
If I could change anything, I'd change the nature of mankind. Maybe give everyone a pure and caring mind. If those that had authority cared for the rest, Then this world could be at its best.
A product of my generation The product of hate It's poisoning our water supplies, our children, our lives Its not a product of man Its not a product of woman It's the story of our ancestors
We have the power to do a lot, to change and to adapt,  and to create a better world.   I would change life. It is something that people think is impossible, but it takes something small
If I were to change the now I would open the minds of those who don't know how. To free the thoughts that are imprisoned allowing all to make free decisions.  
I wish I could change people's minds. I yearn to make people feel what I feel.  I crave to make people see what I see. I long to show others the utter hatred I see in the world. 
We are tired of being told no. Of being told "You can't do that" and "That career won't feed you"   STOP TELLING US NO,
Everyone has a dream Though not every dream is heard   Why are they really here? So many stories to be told   Another face gone Another smile lost Another family affected  
I can't change the school system... But if I could I would. Get rid of these standards and lists of things we memorize that only slows down our progress.   I can't stand standardized testing.
Why does she stand alone? Why does she shy away from those who care most? Why is the damsel in distress, still in distress? Why does she stand alone?   How often does she wish that she were someone else?
I spent four of my years in a building Of wood walls and cement floors I spent four of my years in a building Told it was wrong to want out   I spent four of my years stuck in two dimensions
Gangs. How much I want for them to dissipate The fire is crackling, simmered down But sooner or later my breath of relief Will be winded down. Gunshots fly but are not found, the flames of the fire grow,
A world without pain Would be a sweet summer day No more hurt No more sorrow No more wishing to look like the worlds definition of beautiful   A world without pain  Would be a comforting song
I would paint the sky a different color for each day of the week. I would paint the grass a different color every month.  I wouldn't change the ocean-- everyone loves that blue green hue that we can all melt in.
As I look into the world, there is so much that I can change.
Once upon a time I was just a little girlNot having a care in the world of what I ateBreads, pastas, and much moreI didn't realize how much I adored 
He came to camp Was different A bit more sensitive than the rest Not his fault He is not guilty of something wrong for that He was amazing   He stuck by my side  I held his hand
Silent cries resound throughout the night Pleading to be heard, their eerie symphony reaching silent ears.
Quarters, nickels, and dimes can change hands every day. Each face different, but to a child, they only see them as gray. Open your hearts like a target register. And see the world like a child
I already had three tests today so I'm stressed enough. I forgot my usual peanut butter and fluff. I stand in line with a worried look. God knows what the lunch ladies decided to cook. No dog would eat half of what is here.
I look at the girls on the TV screen and the magazine covers, Their flawless skin, eyes, and hair. I wanted to be them. I could not see past the manipulation and lies of the media.
  The rowdiness around me is a Disturbance in this peaceful place But I have stood here long enough To rekindle the beauty that was once known   That beauty is being ruined by who?
  If I could change anything in the world I’d flip the map upside down. I’d put the southern hemisphere at the top of the map, And the northern hemisphere at the bottom.  
There’s a feeling I know. It feels like everything is crumbling around you or like walls are closing in and there’s no room to breathe or like no matter what you do nothing is right and it’s scary.
Self Centered I'd change My ability to deal with the face in the mirror the thoughts simmering behind it the fumbling half-formed passions waiting to be found.
Ever since I was a little girl I was told to make something of myself To be a leader, and do my best to be the best me I could be All I knew was happiness, school, and doing good by my family
To change is to make something once the same another way Imagining a future where everything is sublime Growing a path that might otherwise become neglected and decay
If I had just one day 24 hours in time a single day to rule to world what would be on my mind? I would want to make a difference change the world that I see make it a better place
At some point in my life,
no more sad faces no more grumbling stomachs end world hunger now  
wouldn't it be beautiful? if the deathly tone under my eyes, enlivens and brightens instead?   or if my facial shape, transforms into a feminine structure,
Desperate measures call for desperate actions. That's all I knew. I sat crying in front of my sister, Hurting so badly I pleaded at her, Please just kill me. She looked at me sadly asking innocently.
Education for all is what they say but why do we pay
What would you change? If you could make a difference with a single wish Would you ask for peers not to think you so strange To not have to wash another single dish? How about to be thinner
If I could change the world, we would all be a little more understanding. If I could chane the world, there would be a litte less struggling. If I could change the world,
Happiness. Has it been so long you have been gone? Did you ever exist? Were you only a myth? I cannot remember the last time I felt you; The bright, shining smile, the warmth in my chest. Is it all gone and will never return?
Is this the new beginning Or has death finally come This waste land with  Splashes of white flakes Shale the land forever be barren
Mirror mirror on the wall,  you make these girls feel very small. Megan Fox and Brittany Snow the faces we all love and know.  Everyone loves a size two, how come that isn't you?  
Concrete floors The claking never ends The constant barking in your floppy ears Sorry, Sunny That's just how it is   Three years to the day
What is war? The child asks, Eyes wide and bright, Looking up at me For I know only peace.   Tell me, please, what is war, For I do not know of it. Tell me of a world
A world of hope
There’s so much to think about, So much more Than videos, snapchats and the football score. While we’re out getting groceries, The man across the street Would give up his coat to have something to eat.
Our children fall behind Everyone waits and watches The politicians don't mind Making speeches
The inability of the human brain to comprehend  Millions, Billions, and Trillions Has somehow exused and allowed us to Blindly and Unkindly Abuse the very things that holds our Bickering, Snickery
I sit next to you every night and feel the tension. You still can’t see why I want to be with him, Why I love him so dearly, How I could ever be with anyone like him, And one day, I hope you will.
It has been described as a record of existence How long something is present or how long it wasn't.   Time is both the past, and the future, and the present, Escalating at a constant rate that alters not.  
If I had wings Then I could fly, And paint the sky, With pain and surprise.   If dreamers Always dreamt Then life would be good, The shadows of death Would be much understood.
If I died tomorrow, I don't know if  I would be proud of who  I am today.   [pause] Allow me, to explain, we have been  told over and over again,  that we should live freely within our constraints-
Please tell me that we haven't become Mindless conformities made to match; to blend in, to mask who we really are.   Why do we follow so closely this pattern of mediocrity?
Turtles from Madagascar Marmosets from South America A Noah’s ark of endangered species Sinking under the weight of the elephants.   Captured from traffiikers Seized from smugglers
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